Title: Anarchist Azat Miftakhov — an example of resistance
Author: Anonymous
Date: 12th March 2019
Source: Retrieved on 15th August 2020 from https://bo-ak.org/index.php/en/theory-en/146-anarchist-azat-miftakhov-an-example-of-resistance

February 1 occured searches in appartments of activists who, according to assumption of security forces, belong to anarchist organization “People self-defence”. More than ten people were detained, some were beaten and tortured with electric shocks. However, afterwards almost all the detainees were released. As it turned out, all this was started with the aim of apprehending a graduate student of the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics of Moscow State University anarchist Azat Miftakhov.

He is suspected of making explosives. Also security forces try to associate him with an explosive device found in Balashikha in January.

All others were required to testify against him. To the credit of the detainees, no one gave testimony confirming Azat’s connection with the above actions. Those who under torture confirmed his participation in People’s Self-Defense (but not involvement in explosives!) immediately after releasing publicly denied the testimony given in such conditions.

Security officials suspect Azat Miftakhov of trying to undermine a gas pipeline in the forest near Balashikha. Confident in their ability to break anyone, they even hurried to call journalists and to publish victorious press releases that Azat confessed.

However Azat didn’t confessed. Neither threat nor torture helped. Azat’s comrades immediately raised the noise in Mass Media and it proved that publicity is our main weapon in such cases — the executioners are afraid of it.

Security forces tried to follow a proven scheme — they hid Azat from a lawyer, lied about the time of arrest, etc. Of course, all this time Azat was subjected to moral pressure and torture, including with the use of a screwdriver..

However, Azat did not break.

It’s easy to talk about solidarity when you’re not under arrest. But when you are detained, everything changes. Information is filtered, Security forces create the feeling that you are lonely, everyone abandoned you, that you are alone against the entire repressive apparatus.

And despite all this, despite the threats and torture, Azat did not give up. He did not admit any of the false accusations.

And the apparatus of repression stalled. They didn’t even have enough evidence to detain him for a standard two months, and they had to take time out for 72 hours from the court. They had to make a fake interview after the detention, where Azat allegedly confesses — although anyone who watches this video carefully has obvious signs of editing and gluing — even mimics do not coincide with supposedly voiced remarks (for which journalists participating in such a thing will have a separate boiler).

Azat Miftakhov is a hero. His behavior under torture is an example for all of us, for all anarhist movement. This case is certainly not the last one. And it is important for each of us to remember Azat’s experience and example and to remember that, however, the way you behave in such conditions, best of all shows your nature, shows how much you are.

We wish Azat strength and courage in the trials that await him.