Title: A Letter
Author: Boots
Date: 08/06/2015
Source: Retrieved on 3/16/2022 from https://wildfire.noblogs.org/files/2015/08/wildfire-2.pdf

“They’re tryen 2 build a prison, they’re tryen 2 build a prison, they’re tryen 2 build a prison, 4 you and me”

The prison system is a giant oubliette and its inhabitants mere phantoms. There exists a delusion among the inmates that the cops somehow have our best interest at heart. It is quite unnerving. I’ve been incarcerated in the Utah State Prison for 8 years, and I have seven still to go. I was charged with kidnapping, for taking my daughter out of state after a separation from her father resulted in his parents trying to hide my child from me. Yes, I took her. Yes, I will do it again.

I am an individualist anarchist and I never fathomed how thorough the rot inside of this place. There exists no camaraderie, not one solitary individual of like mind or morale. There is a very bureaucratic program here called Excell. The premise is that you fill your quota of snitching on other inmates 3 times a month and you operate under the manufacture of consent in steady admissions of guilt and culpability, even if no guilt or culpability exists. How very Christian. In almost a decade of incarceration here I am the sole individual to oppose. I cannot understand why this is? Everyone looks up 4 validation to one another – the chain of command. I look down, exalted in my own right. I do not find it healthy to incorporate such
treachery into a prison environment under the guise of treatment. Treatment implies helping one fix oneself not to lose one’s morality by telling on one another. The rewards given – pallets of eye shadow, smell good lotion. A soft tyranny by the system. A prostitution by the inmates. I’ve been locked down for my entire stay here for refusal to comply – yet I sleep easy at night.

I try to bring education to the women here yet sadly I see no ambition. They are happy to chew cud like the motley bovine. Education and passion can create the alchemy of change, yet I am at a loss as to what to do. We need to be free thinkers and free doers as well. And not be content 2 be the minions of the swine. I wonder if women’s prisons all over face the same obstacles or is this unique to the State of Utah having been so thoroughly indoctrinated by the fundamentalist Latter Day Saint Mormon pig fux? It concerns me that such mass brainwashing occurs. People stand around in circles and chant 5 times a day about how they are the robot drones of the system.

Many women coming into prison are broken creatures having experienced much abuse throughout their lives. I believe that we need to work on ourselves and the issues that are uniquely ours. A system designed to assign blame elsewhere when in trouble breeds a nation of rats. We should not focus on such madness but on education. The prison here likes to hand out re-hearings rather than hard dates which ensures that you are not eligible for the measly two classes offered –
culinary arts or business tech. We must utilize the library and outside programs which donate books and anarchist periodicals.

Sadly the uneducated rabble believe anarchism and white supremacy to be synonymous. Anarchism is such a beautiful premise and philosophy for life. I do believe that wrapped up under a different packaging people would purchase it. The title frightens people away, instead. Against their better judgment they continue on in their ignorance of hero mentality. I fight the good fight and although it can be quite lonely and taxing, it is the greatest of beasts who plays host to the most parasites ergo... I can take it.

Revolutionary love,

Julia Wheelwright #135746
Utah State Prison
PO Box 250
Draper, UT 84020