Title: 50 Immoral Anarchist Aphorisms
Date: June 2022
Source: Retrieved on September 23, 2022 from https://www.freesofiajohnson.com/50-immoral-anarchist-aphorisms-by-comrade-candle/
  1. One knows what one wants to.

  2. Knowing oneself is a journey – presently.

  3. Purposelessness grants many creative liberties; values and morals are nothing.

  4. Prescribing oneself a pill to swallow – whose truth?

  5. What can we accept as true, when even our language?

  6. To speak and write fill the same void in our present; our existence always constructs a past; what do we record?

  7. Pain has no value to it, for what purpose would arise the preference for pleasure?

  8. Crime is not often enough recognized as the individual’s defiance to the State’s will.

  9. The State controls, demanding subservience for the meager table scraps.

  10. I am my own.

  11. God has, for far too long, constrained the Ego.

  12. The individual is forever at war with the State.

  13. Cold and cruel detachment – A gleeful State; authority over the individual.

  14. The cold can burn with the ferocity of a flame; And the heat?

  15. You rid yourself of God – and his morals?

  16. None is equal to another, for nature sorely lacks equals, yet none are free until no one is above another – hierarchy is not natural.

  17. Society is nothing; And without the individual?

  18. Crime and Law are a dichotomy.

  19. Traditions forever damn the advent of a new.

  20. A NEW DAWN – I am continuously becoming, much as I was.

  21. Freedom & the State are opposites; Who is free when one must do as they are commanded?; A land of the Free would, truly, have far fewer borders.

  22. The absence of authority grants the individual the most potential liberty.

  23. What makes the criminal so deserving of your disdain – and your pity?

  24. The exaltation of Good comes at the cost of all deemed naught.

  25. Who knows better what masculinity expects than those so desperately trying to escape it?

  26. Gender entails another to interpret it, no?

  27. My femininity and yours may be distinct, yet we should decide yours, or mine, is unfeminine?

  28. My self and the gender I weld remain two sides of the same coin.

  29. The negation of everything is nothing; nothing lacks everything.

  30. My existence, and through it my philosophy, are the supplement to my bodily senses. Also an interpretation. I am the only one to, physically, feel the pain if I were stabled; It may very well be that I am the only one who cares, too! In what way other than our own experience is the basis for our thought born?

  31. Morals limit the creativity of one’s actions and thoughts – “How else to not become some monster?” – And I suppose morals demand you respect your fellow individual? Respect of their autonomy? The arbiters of good and just may conclude your control as so. My thoughts are more readily concerned with my own experience than your morals. A more affirmative and creative existence – to thee who destroy, I also say yay!

  32. God is a delusion of man to expound upon the the unexplainable, to lead those who hold true the belief, and to judge others that defy the authority. As a concept, it has far outlived any use.

  33. We are all nothing; there is nothing substantive or of value to our wake. Every aspect of our world, of our person, is meaningless.

  34. The criminal performs tirelessly what the State demands not be. An existence of crime will have the State desiring your end.

  35. Am I to care what the State wants; needs?

  36. Individual liberty comes at the cost of an exertion of one’s power.

  37. The individual is both nothing & everything; My entire existence, all of my power; My power compared to the State’s?

  38. My womanhood is precisely mine, and mine alone.

  39. The way Kodak hits ’em with that drum; He’s not making beats, the drum isn’t making music – I can’t wait to let him spray!

  40. FritoLay was far more oppressive before it became a Broward County thing. Now – it is very cool.

  41. A large propensity of the State’s power lies in its admiration & respect, as undue as they may. The insurrection could start with you, merely, defying the State by recognizing yourself. When the coldest of all monsters erases your Ego, and would command, you follow, what could be more radical than this refusal? You are an individual.

  42. Time is a measurement, one we can only ever measure finitely on our own; Our lives have a finite amount of time. There existed time before my existence, and there will probably be a time after my death. Yet my time before my death is scarce. The time the State chooses to rid me of, justified by its Law.

  43. The State removes individuals of their liberty every moment.

  44. I would rather affirm what I would like to be than grant control of my own existence to traditions & customs.

  45. Control elicits submission; subjugation.

  46. What is there that is voluntary of capitalism, when all alternatives provoke the State’s icy wrath? Is it a choice, when the options presented amount to submit or survive violence? I am happy, I was able to lead my life. You, too.

  47. Spice and flavor form the palette of a taste.

  48. Crime is cool, too.

  49. Women make me feel a special way – very gayly.

  50. I am noble and virtuous, an immoralist. You shan’t possess my Ego with your spectres – I alone create my will. Nothing matters to me; I see purposelessness as my liberator. Who am I? If perhaps anyone ever truly knows, it’ll be myself; maybe.

-Comrade Candle