Title: Solidarity Message to the Revolted Peoples in Iran from Captive Anarchist Guerrilla Dimitris Chatzivasileiadis
Date: September 24th, 2022
Source: Retrieved on October 8th, 2022 from https://abolitionmedia.noblogs.org/post/2022/10/07/solidarity-message-to-the-revolted-peoples-in-iran-and-to-the-anti-war-movement-in-russia-from-captive-anarchist-guerrilla-dimitris-chatzivasileiadis/.

My sisters and brothers,

You who today in Iran are fighting against patriarchy, theocracy and class oligarchy, you, who by uncovering your faces, by your blood on the streets, are taking that common struggle one step further up the way to global liberation from authority, together with you, I declare and rejoice over the death of terror.

No one experience of tyranny and servility can be be compared with another. The tortures you have been subjected to by the iranian state, throughout its history, are inconceivable. But the struggle unites us. In Greece, day by day, femicides are multiplying. The priests justify rape through their official statements. The impoverishment of the exploited and the excluded, the killings of migrants and the military repression are dressed with the cloak of nationalism, like everywhere. All the states, the iranian, the greek, the russian, the turkish etc, portray social resistance as the “external enemy”.

The people have no borders. All together we will change the world. History has taught us that only through social self-direction and self-defense can we build popular power. Solidarity, that leads to equality through con-federalism within and on either side of borders, this is our way. For this reason, I salute again the Kurdish Movement of Freedom, for its contribution — with boundless self sacrifice — towards the construction of the internationalist, intercultural and borderless revolutionary movement in the Middle East, and especially towards the global women struggle.

The vultures of the dominant, north-atlantic imperialism, are looking to utilize the social revolt in Iran, so as to establish one of their own regimes. Parts of the persian capitalist class are waiting a long time now, to grab the chance so as to upgrade their position as exploiter within a new regime, by crushing the social revolt, just like Khomeini did with his army and “guards” in 1979.

My sisters and brothers,

you have no obligation to withstand this theocratic dictatorship, not a day longer. And at the same time, do not give your strength away to new governors, do not abandon your faith in popular power, for the sake of a warmongering capitalism. We do not belong to any state camp. Women’s revolution is paving the way for a new era, without authority.

You are holding our mutual hope in your hands. With all my strength, I embrace those hands.

Honor and rage for Mahsa Amini
Honor and rage for all the heroic women and men who become martyrs of liberation

Dimitris Chatzivasileiadis
Domokos Prison
24 September 2022