“We are not equals” The Master says to the slave

Slavery is much more complicated than the ownership of a human. Slavery dates back thousands of years, but not in the classical sense. When Humanity first started enslaving animals, “Animal Husbandry” to do the work humans once did on farm land to increase the yield for food products, then after leadership of communities arose, then religion became an ideology in the human mind, slavery became about enslaving humans of “lesser” stature to do the bidding or work of their “leaders”. Since then, the slavery of humans has existed, and still does. We all have 'Masters' whether it be a boss, manager, CEO, Presidents, but our slavery isn't ownership of our body or labour, but of our mind. Sure we can choose who we work for, but our Masters dictate what we do. We won't be punished by our Masters with physical abuse or death, but we are under the fear of losing our employment which would lead us into poverty or homelessness.

Those who own and control the means of production, the “Capitalist-class” are the ultimate Masters of humanity. Our leaders; Presidents, Prime Ministers, are the Master-class of the citizenry, dictating laws in which if not followed, citizens could end up in jail. Our bosses are the Master-class of the employees, dictating the rules of the business.

Those who work, the “working-class” are separated as unequal among themselves, those who make more income down to those who are homeless. But this is only a construct the Capitalist-class and our leaders dictate as “Income (based) classes”.

For humans to believe our sex, gender, ethnicity, religion, income, has a direct influence on who is “better” than another, it all simply stems from slavery. The Master-class could enslave a “lesser race”, but those of the same race of the Master-class, are not equals to their leaders, but are told to believe they are “better” than those of a lesser race. Our Masters have divided us, although we are all their slaves. So if some people are “better” than others, but those people are not equal to those above them on an income-scale, or ownership-scale, how can anyone below our Masters be “better” than anyone below the Capitalist-class?

Some people believe white people are “better” than other ethnicities, dues mainly to the days of when some ethnic groups were actual slaves to the white race. This doesn't actually mean, the citizens of the white race were equal to their leaders, but that they were better than these “lesser races”.

White people are privileged in some societies with more opportunities to become educated, get good paying jobs, live in nicer neighbourhoods, and ultimately live better lives. But this doesn't mean they're better than the Hispanic, Asian, or African people of their nations, it simply means being white, and from centuries of looking down on these other ethnic groups, they have a better chance having “better” lives.

No matter your 'race' if you do something wrong within the company you work for, you can be reprimanded, therefore equality even within races doesn't exist. Our Masters have done so much work over the last few millennia to make all income-class and race-class to fight among each other, even though we are all slaves.

Capitalism in society is the final stage in human evolution to enslave humanity. No matter how much you make, where you are from, what your sex or gender is, or what religion you follow, Capitalism has aided to create more division within our social structures. So when someone says, “equality will never exist, some people just aren't as good as others” they are under the misinformation that income or race dictates equality. These are constructs humans have created, dictated by a Master-class to oppress anyone below them. And for anyone to state “we need leaders” or “it's human nature to gravitate to leadership” is simply what slaves are bred to believe.

“Master & Slave, King & Peasant, Capitalist & Worker.”

The slavery of humanity will never end, unless all humans realize that all humans are slaves to someone, which makes all humans equally oppressed, which means all oppressed humans are equal. Our Capitalist Master-class may control the banks, land, and resources from wealth and ownership, but their slaves the “working-class” all humans that do the work, only do the work because “income”, as we're told by our Masters, is “the only way”.

It is true, in our society, socially and economically, we are not equals, but not because humans aren't actually equal, but because of some Master-class telling us who is better than who, and us actually believing them. The “rich-class” is better than the “middle-class”, the “middle-class” better than the “poor-class” and the poor are better than the homeless. But is a rich, middle, or poor Black man is less equal than his White counterpart, or a Women is “less equal” than her male counterpart? Not because they are actually “lesser” human, but because of a Master-class stating “some people are less equal than others”.

Is one Doctor less equal than another? If they do the same job, preform the same procedures, and make the same income, are they less equal? If one was Black, Asian, Hispanic, and the other White, would that change their 'equality'? Would a Muslim Doctor be less equal than a Christian Doctor? A Female Doctor less than a Male Doctor? This question should never have to be answered, let alone have to be asked.

If women aren't equal to men, or themselves, or other nationalities, ethnicities, religions, and no one is equal to each other, but some are better due to their nationality, ethnicity, sex, religion, and we're not equal to our leaders, but some are better than other leaders of other nationalities...doesn't this all seem idiotic, and pointless?

The simple truth is, our leaders, our Masters, those who control all the wealth, the power of every nation, have used borders and nations, ethnicity, sex and religion to pit the citizens to fight, but proclaim unity and sovereignty, patriotism, nationalism, these false ideals to pit nation against nation, all the whilst it's own citizenry are pitted against each other. This loaded idealism, to state some are better than others, but no one is equal, is the great “Conquer and Divide” plan of the upper ruling class. They fund both sides of Wars, opposing media outlets, and ultimately control all mainstream political parties.