It has been almost two years since the formation of IRPGF in Rojava. Since its formation until present day, members of IRPGF have fought non-stop, shoulder-to-shoulder with all other revolutionary forces and people of Rojava in defense of the revolution.

In our formation statement, we stated that our role was to be an armed force for the defense of social revolutions in Rojava and across the world, and to struggle against all forms of power wherever they exist. Today, this role has not changed. In fact, we uphold this role and our principes with even more determination and resilience.

But what has changed is our perspective on strategy of armed struggle and way of organizing. In praxis, our thoughts on the revolutionary path and how we situate ourselves in the struggle against state, capitalism and patriachy have matured.

To reflect our collective trajectory on the revolutionary path, we hereby officially annouce the dissolution of the IRPGF. IRPGF will cease to function as a fighting unit; however, our members will continue to actively participate in the defense of the social revolution in Rojava and also engage in revolutionary work all over the world.

Since its inception, the IRPGF has became an inspiration to many anarchist and libertarian revolutionaries from all continents. We look at the momentum and energy generated worldwide with great enthuasiasm.

But it is our collective wish to set the legacy of IRPGF in the past. We feel that the IRPGF name has served its historical function and now it is time to allow a generation of more diverse, dynamic and dispersed militant collectives to prosper.

We call on and encourage all comrades to move on from the narratives and imageries of the IRPGF and to develop their own militant movements that are specific to their respective political, social, cultural or even religious contexts and backgrounds. Above all, we urge comrades not to abandon the struggle against hierarchy in all its forms, to keep on progressing in praxis and to continue to organize in revolutionary ways.

A new era of resistance has arrived. And we will not cease fighting until victory!

Long live the people’s resistance in Rojava and beyond!