Title: Aborigines in Australia
Author: J. Clancy
Date: 2006
Source: Retrieved on July 19, 2009 from www.insurgentdesire.org.uk
Notes: Last modified on Insurgent Desire July 11, 2006

In Australia we have had a meeting of great white minds in the form of our Highest Court, which decided (after 200 years of not noticing the inhuman sufferings of Aborigines) that before the British soldiers arrived in 1788 with a mass of petty convicts to make us part of the British Empire, there were people living here. Those people were a race of intelligent humans with black skin -Aborigines- who had resided here for a known 60,000 years.

What followed was a mass murder of those residents, especially by white police, graziers, army and business-men. Many were killed in weekly turkey shoots for sport, particularly if they were brave enough to defend their families. This continued till even 1950. Since then, our racist ‘Police’ have continued with normal murders, generally in secret deaths in custody, but the secrecy has now been exposed into common-knowledge. After so many years of survival on this harsh continent, no genes had developed to make Blacks immune from diseases like measles and also alcohol poisoning. Black people cannot absorb alcohol. Thus our jails have a very large percentage of Aborigines, mainly for being drunk and disorderly, insulting the police, swearing, fighting while intoxicated and generally being unable to understand white-man’s laws.

The police preferred method is to hang Blacks with football sox or strips of blankets and claim that they had suicided while drunk. Commonsense suggests that two men must have lifted the victim and arranged the other details. The evidence has been clear that tribal people must not be separated from their culture and family members. It is imperative that they not be jailed for minor offences, rather taken to their families and elders to be judged by Aborigine Laws, or, for drunkenness, driven a few miles out of town and left under a tree to sober-up to find their way home next day. Or the police could treat them like drunk white politicians and deliver them home? Some States have laws forbidding whites to sell liquor to them, but the whites have their own laws including making profits from the delivery of booze to an arranged transfer area.

Our Politicians hide behind this new High Court judgment, which specifically prevents Aborigines from claiming ownership of land, unless they have had continuous occupancy or association. As most tribes were decimated, few are left to make the claims. Appeals to the Court have to be paid by the Aborigines. The Court also declared that if any Lease of a section of land had been registered to a grazier or miner, the Aborigines could not claim that land either, whether in use or not. Two hundred years of loud-mouthed windbag politicians have achieved nothing except to overlook white crimes of kidnap, murder and family separations of children from their parents. Australia’s outback is generally used as cattle leases, previously or still ‘owned’ by British, Foreign interests or large local family businesses. Some tribal groups have bought the failed ranching efforts of white graziers and have often succeeded, having much more respect for and affinity with the land.

Those forced to live in our main cities are subjected to yuppie young police guided by untrained sergeants better known as wallopers but with much less intelligence than the normal, quiet, thoughtful, happy objects of their mistreatment and repression. Those who live in most tribal areas live mainly in squalor, with little health care and a visit from politicians near each election time for more speeches and promises. The greedier the white person is, the more he seems to hate these beautiful people.

Americans would be correct in realising that Australian treatment of indigenous peoples closely follows the US example, or for that matter the example of all colonialist powers. But US Law still allows a principle of police guesswork to defeat correct justice as in the case of Sioux leader Leonard Peltier, due for release at his age of about 130 years. As most police in most countries are poorly trained with only average or less intelligence, Justice should be meticulous in its findings, not using vengeance against people who are different and whose land Justice has stolen.

In the case of our Aborigines, they have very specialised talents including almost a genius spatial ability (time and distance) in the top football grades, yet being lightly-boned slim people. They have long almost eagle-quality sight and ability to track missing persons through deserts for a thousand miles if necessary. Their specialised Art form and landscapes are selling through white agents world-wide. Many have obtained degrees in business, law, medicine and anthropology, etc, through Harvard Uni. Their young men joined the Army during the 1939–45 war, but like the men from Papua who also volunteered, they received no pay for their services. They were ‘only Blacks’. Yet vindictive politicians in both our countries would rather build hundreds of jails rather than ensuring fair and just life-styles for the differing races. After all, your slaves were indigenous African peoples before the great slave trade days.

There is a Government body formed to control their finance and make the financial decisions that only whites can do. To make sure they have little input the politicians ensure a ratio of 60% white. Overheads like salaries dissipate the funds advanced to them. Sometimes these funds come from the share of land taxes or meager Federal grants. Like the fate of the painted-white remnants of the Plains Indians they have become generally dispirited by the men who speak with forked tongues -politicians and other strange, noisy upstarts that experience such joy in inflicting misery on the lives of others. Even Churches are beginning to understand the harm they did in taking these ‘savage’ children away from their families. Presently much time is spent by devoted elders in tracing the tribal families from whence they were abducted.

One Leader, on the question of gun-control, has recently written, “We unequivocally support government’s efforts to remove automatic and semi-automatic guns from our land. Having been the victims of massacres in the past, we well know the meaning of “wanton destruction of life”. We demand a safer environment for ourselves and our children; and we consider the removal of the most rapid weapons-of-death is one step in the right direction.”