Title: Intro to Anarcha-Feminism (work in progress)
Date: 2023
Source: Retrieved on 24 October 2023 from immerautonom.noblogs.org/about/intro-anfem-wip
Notes: This page is still a work in progress! We’ll update when we have a completed text. For the time being, here is a short outline of the general principles we adopt as queer and trans Anarcha-Feminists:
  1. Anarcha-Feminism is Anti-Patriarchy, Anti-State, and Anti-Capitalist. We seek the abolition of all borders, capitalist profit regimes, prisons, and wars.

  2. Patriarchy is a socio-political system that can be most archetypically characterized by the rule of the (figure of) the Father, the male head of household, rather than merely “rule by men.”

  3. Anarcha-Feminism views Power as complex recursive structure of relations among persons and things, not a simplistic rigid taxonomy of ranked positions.

  4. Anarcha-Feminism is Transfeminist and sees Trans Liberation as its natural goal. We view TERFs as a fascist patriarchal retrenchment movement.

  5. Anarcha-Feminism recognizes the interdependence of the oppression of children under patriarchy, marginalized, and is thus firmly Youth Liberationist. We reject the view that youth liberation implies in any way that adults may freely sexually interact with children. Youth liberation means the liberation of children and youth from the abuse and exploitation of adults, not the liberation of predatory adults from the inaccessibility of children.

  6. Anarcha-Feminism seeks the Liberation of men, boys, and masculinity from Patriarchy. We recognize trans men as our brothers, and recognize the many structural ways patriarchy violently and systemically subjugates transmasculine folks. Patriarchy regulates the subjugation, marginalization, and erasure of non-hegemonic and counter-hegemonic masculinities, but masculinity does not belong to patriarchy, nor even to men. Anarcha-Feminism seeks to break this regulatory power.

  7. Anarcha-Feminism seeks Queer Liberation. We are anti-homophobia, anti-queerphobia, anti-biphobia, anti-transphobia, anti-fascist, pro-kink, and pro-autonomy. We recognize patriarchy as the structure in which queerness is constructed and persecuted, the very structure which imposes an artificial taxonomy of “normative” and “deviant” sexualities in the first place.

  8. Anarcha-Feminism is set against Empire, in solidarity and collaboration with Indigenous struggle against settler-colonialism, and in solidarity with and collaboration with the oppressed of all patriarchal states (and all states are patriarchal!) Anarcha-Feminist movements exist across the world, and are especially thriving in the Global South. Accordingly, we recognize Anarcha-Feminism as a struggle against white supremacy, white hegemony, toward the abolition of White Womanhood, and the abolition of whiteness itself, the foundational principle of racial capitalism. We believe that there is no meaningful anarchism without Black liberation and there is no understanding or overthrowing patriarchy without Black feminism.

  9. Anarcha-Feminism is insurrectionist. We reject the liberal politics of civility and decorum.

  10. Anarcha-Feminism is based on the principles of mutuality, intersubjectivity, and collective struggle against domination in all its forms. Your freedom is my freedom; we fight and die together.