Title: Our solidarity outside of Turkey and Syria is continual boycott of the Turkish Products and Tourism
Date: 19th October 2019
Source: Retrieved on 22nd March 2021 from anarkismo.net

We are against any war and any states who launches war on another country including the current war against Rojava (North East of Syria) by the state of Turkey. It is our principle along with the non-Kurdish who support Rojava and do whatever we can against the state of Turkey and its regional and international allies.

War not only causes death, displacement and destruction; in fact it is a large investment and is necessary for the circulation of capital and diverting people’s attention from whatever current crisis. War does not just bring the death of people and destroying of their society; it revives and creates nationalism, fascism, and racism. War displaces population on a massive scale and changes the demography of the regions; it also changes the struggles between the political parties over power to a war between the ethnicities in the countries and the regions. War is destroying human identities and making people temporary forgetting their immediate problems. In the war, the more vulnerable people such as women, children, elderly, disabled and people with special needs are the first to be victims of war.

The war in Rojava is not just the war of (the grey wolves) of Turkey. In fact it is also the power struggle of the powerful forces of the United States and Russia, to gain the bigger piece of the cake of the eight years’ war in Syria. Moreover, it is the war of the reactionary religion and the religious against development and enlightenment. Generally, war is also about the parliamentary system and the united tribes of bourgeoisie together in the world.

The war on Rojava is the attempt of exporting the economic, social, and politics crisis of Erdogan’s government and its allies. It is a tool to suppress the libertarians’ voices in Turkey, like the voices in Taksim Square and inside the prisons, on streets, in factories and neighbourhoods against the state of Turkey.

In the face of the states and the military attacks on Rojava, the world is silent and blinded, we the people who struggle against it can offer the solidarity to Rojava by marching on the street, collect basic items to the victims of the war, boycotting all the goods produced in Turkey. We believe fighting the state of Turkey economically is the revolutionary weapon; boycotting in every ways possible will have a major effect on the Turkish economy.

We a group of libertarian people agreed to get together through our social relationships and our contacts to stand up against nationalists, nationalism, racism, bigotry, discrimination, chauvinists, class superiority and capitalism. We participate actively in the boycott campaign of any goods from Turkey and Turkish shops in the locality to where we live. We also boycott holidays in Turkey, travelling to/from or through Turkey by air, sea and road.

We call upon those people who agree with us to join us to make our campaign stronger and more effective.

No to war, no to invasion and the government, no to the class system.
No to being silent in the face of aggression and repression.
Yes to cooperation with people suffering.
Yes towards boycotting any goods from Turkey and travelling through or holidays to Turkey.
Yes towards anti-national unity and solidarity against war, repression and suppression.