As the Lawyers Group in Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners and legal representatives of the accused, Mario Antonio Lopez Hernandez, we wish to issue a public denunciation of the flagrant irregularities and grave violations of process that have been perpetrated against our defense efforts by such public functionaries as the Investigation Agency of Coyoacan 2, during the pre-trial investigation, and by the Penal Court, before which Mr. Lopez Hernandez’s trial is taking place. Most important, despite the fact that we have been engaged as attorneys for Mr. Lopez Hernandez since June 27, we were denied the

opportunity to protest the charge against him for 16 hours, which is a violation both of basic guarantees of due process and of fundamental human rights.

We likewise charge that the imputations against Mr. Lopez Hernandez are based on poorly substantiated accusations that were obtained through the use of psychological torture and under unpropitious medical conditions.

We would also like to announce that as the Lawyers Group in Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners, we intend to pursue both a defensive legal strategy and an offensive one, with the intent not only of securing full freedom of action for our defense efforts, but also of sanctioning all public servants implicated in the grave transgressions and violations of due process that have already occurred, which we interpret as discriminatory acts directed against the anarchist movement and against anarchist political ideology.

The purpose of this press release, in sum, is to denounce the coarse police barrage that the authorities of the Federal District have unleashed in their desperate attempt to demonstrate the fictitious dismantling of the anarchist action groups. Finally, we wish to denounce the sequestration of the Australian citizen, Felicity Ann Ryder, by the authorities of the capital who, after having informed the media of her detention (corroborated by the June 29 edition of El Diario Excelsior in a notice by Filiberto Cruz Monroy, and by Chain Three news on the same day), have still not made public either where

or under what charges she is being held. We therefore demand her immediate presentation, alive, and will hold the capital authorities, especially Chief of Government of the Federal District, Marcelo Ebrard, and the capital Solicitor, Jesus Rodriguez Almeida, responsible for whatever might happen to her, or whatever has already happened to her during the last 24 hours.

With nothing further, we thank you beforehand for your attention in this matter.

Lawyers Group in Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners