Title: The anarchist of individuality
Author: León Darío
Date: September 2019
Source: Published in September 2019 number 9 in the anarchist magazine “Solstice.”
Like all living beings, he needs to be social, although he is not afraid of loneliness, like a lone wolf without his clan.
    Extravagant, crazy or someone calm and “normal,” does not live pending what they will say.
He is observant, critical and churning like the wind, always nourishing himself with knowledge.
    He shows his rejection of the electoral program, politicians of the state who are not going to cheat him.
With simple tastes and a creative spirit, he hates vegetarianism, he wants to feel alive.
    He is not a sullen locked in a cave, only that he is alert to any outside interference.
Mankind seems to him a ghost, he declares his self as the beginning and end.
    Christianity, egalitarianism, secularism, Marxism ... it is insurmountable above all dogmatism.
He propagates his idea by agitating, spreading his thought even if they don’t agree with him.
    Squeeze your five senses and enjoy with passion, instead of waiting for the utopia of the revolution.
He does not seek to convince, he is not going to give any sermon, he is self-sufficient as a free thinker.
    He neither wants to enslave nor be enslaved, but he knows that the exploited wants to become the boss.
We speak of him, in his full integrity, opposed to the state, the assembly and society.
    We speak of him, against all authority, against the majority and the community, we speak of him as an anarchist of individuality.