Title: Anarchist reports from protests suppressed in Malaysia
Author: Sean Matthews
Date: July 11, 2011
Source: Retrieved on 11th February 2021 from www.anarkismo.net

More than 20,000 people demonstrated for electoral reforms across Kuala Lumpur, the Malaysian capital, on Saturday in a rare protest that was declared illegal by police. The protest was called for by opposition groups, including the Coalition for Free and Fair Elections, Bersih. Police fired tear-gas and water cannons at demonstrators and arrested more than 1,400 people, including top opposition leaders, according to protest organisers. The activists’ demands include an overhaul of voter registration lists, tougher measures to curb fraud and fairer opportunities for opposition politicians to campaign in government-linked media. Malaysia’s next general election is planned due in 2013.

Anarchists were also present on the march and one participant sent us this un-edited brief report and the picture with this article

“On 9 July, BERSIH rally which should peaceful protest about electoral reform changes Kuala Lumpur city into police state. All road access been block, shop and office building entirely been shut down almost 16 hour. Public transport like train being stops their services almost for city station.

The police deployed almost 7000 officer with 3 helicopter unit. At night their start searching and arrest supporters from others state which is sleep in hotel around, before the rally almost 250 being detained. At end of rally day the number arrested increase up to 1500 people. 1 old citizen dead after fall down from ladder in KLCC building when try to runaway from tear gas fired, police claim the dead cause by personal healthy. Almost all left political party and organization leader arrest before the rally start. But people spontaneous organize them self to rally around city from Petaling street until KLCC roads. Estimates of the Bersih-supporting marchers put the figures at anything between 20,000 to 40,000 people; the government only claims 6000 people. Police used they force with violence to marches. They shot tear gas inside the close building (train station) which can cause death because of that room full with people and shot tear gas direct to body protester, they also fired tear gas in hospital building after protester run away from the street. The rally ends up at 5 pm after the long marcher around. Of course objective of this rally only give more benefit to left politician, but for ordinary people their objective is just want to prove others Malaysian there are possibility to do social revolution. And also to show the truth of dictatorship rule in this country.”