Title: Solidarity Bookshop Catalogue
Date: 1965
Source: Scanned from original
Notes: 1. Lightly edited to correct typos and scanning errors. 2. See also on the Anarchist Library: The Solidarity Catalog of Anarchist Literature (1973)


      The Meaning of it All

      Industrial Workers of the World

        Publications of the I.W.W.

        Pamphlets of the I.W.W.

        Rebel Worker Pamphlets

        Books on the IWW




      Peace and Nonviolence





        Pre-surrealist Works

        Surrealist Works and Critical Studies

        Surrealism Supplement

      Labor History

        U.S. Labor

        Spanish Revolution

        Russian Revolution & After

        The Hungarian Revolution

        World Labor History


      The Labor Movement Today

      Negro Freedom Struggle

      Youth And Students









The Celebrated
Solidarity Bookshop
Of radical Books-in-print
[& Related Topics]
Containing herein books on The I.W.W., Anarchism, Socialism, Surrealism & World Labor History.
Including: the Spanish Civil War, the Hungarian Revolution, the Negro Freedom Struggle, Students & Youth, Biography, Cinema, Psychedelics, Psychoanalysis & Calligraphy.

Solidarity Bookshop
1947 No. Larrabee
Chicago 60614

The Meaning of it All

“Books are keys to Wisdom’s treasure.”

“All writing is garbage.”
—Antonin Artaud

The crucial significance of this catalogue lies in its presentation of the spirit of the Revolution in its totality. Opposing the flat, one-dimensional, Cartesian and putrescent world of bourgeois reality, as well as the equally useless puritanical facade of the sarcomatous Traditional Left, the dreams of the revolutionary movement find expression here in both their manifest and latent content, aiming at the continual expansion of consciousness and leading to the collectively and individually lyrical subversion of all values imposed by a repressive society.

This catalogue is, to our knowledge, the largest and most comprehensive catalogue of specifically radical books ever published, containing somewhere near 600 titles. Its agitational and educational usefulness is clearly evident by that fact alone. We have listed all or many publications of every anarchists socialist, labor or radical publisher (the IWW, Freedom Press, Solidarity, Pioneer, Charles H. Kerr Cooperative, International, Peace News, New York Labor News, Modern Publishers, Libertarian League, Monthly Review Press, Syndicalist Workers Federation, J.-J. Pauvert, News & Letters, Surrealist Editions, Facing Reality, Plaid Cymru, the School of Living, Socialist Party, and several others)—almost all of which are unobtainable in commercial bookstores—as well as many works published by smaller and lesser-known commercial publishers—also rarely carried in other bookstores—and the most relevant books published by university and large commercial publishers.

The emphasis throughout has been on libertarian revolutionary works, though many books and pamphlets not exactly meeting this requirement have been included if in our opinion they were especially relevant and/or revolutionary by implication. In the SOCIALIST and ANARCHIST sections the attempt was made to list all the “classics” of the past which are in print as well as an even greater number of contemporary works, representing practically every important tendency in the revolutionary movement today. Generally excluded were social-democratic, reformist, Stalinist, elitist, Maoist and other counter-revolutionary tendencies which sometimes try to pass themselves off as revolutionary. The SURREALIST section lists nearly every surrealist work currently available in English, many of the most important pre-surrealist works, nearly every critical study and a few works in French which are almost completely unavailable in the U.S. except from us. Certain sections (like ANTHROPOLOGY and PSYCHOANALYSIS) are very abbreviated; we feel the books listed therein are of particular importance to younger revolutionaries seeking new approaches to the problems confronting us, and thus deserved to be listed. These sections will be expanded in our revised catalogue. Certain books are referred from one section to a more appropriate one; if you fail to find it in the section referred to, check the ADDENDA on p. 54. The LABOR HISTORY section, by the way, includes all sub-sections from p. 33 to 41.

This catalogue, and the Solidarity Bookshop, and our journal The Rebel Worker are some of the agitational activities of members of the Chicago Branch of the I.W.W. The Rebel Worker has quadrupled its circulation (now about 1,000) in only four issues, and we are confident that as more people discover it we can increase its circulation fantastically. We have recently begun a pamphlet series (see p. 4). Our immediate aim is to bring revolutionary thought to the greatest possible number of people. But we are determined, as soon as possible, to overthrow the ignoble conditions now prevailing, to make a revolution, to rebuild the world from scratch. Applications for membership are available on request.

Industrial Workers of the World

Publications of the I.W.W.

Industrial Worker—Monthly organ of the I.W.W. Covers the wage-slave revolts around the world. Starting with the January, 1966 issue the paper will become an eight page tabloid and increase its news coverage. 10 cents an issue; $1 one year sub.

Rebel Worker—Journal of the Chicago Branch—I.W.W. Theoretical articles along with subversive instruction, devastating book reviews, delicious calligraphy, poetry by the people, forthright footnotes, lewd critiques, elaborate illustrations. Must be seen to be believed. Six issues per year, one dollar: 25 cents each.

Wobbly—Periodical of the Berkeley Branch—I.W.W. 25 cents per issue; $1 for six issues.

Pamphlets of the I.W.W.

One Big Union—A summary of the industrial union structure of the IWW. Contains a two-page center spread reproduction of the industrial union chart, Father Hagerty’s famous “wheel of fortune.” 32 p. 35 cents

The IWW in Theory & Practice by Justus Ebert. An exposition of IWW views presented in the framework of a criticism of the AF of L and the CIO. Demonstrates that the CIO did not incorporate the IWW plan of industrial unionism. Includes the Industrial Union Manifesto of 1905. This pamphlet is not new but is still useful. 25 cents

The IWW: Its First Fifty Years (1905–1955) by Fred Thompson. The only available IWW history by a Wobbly. Summarizes the events from 1905 to 1955 which made IWW history. An excellent introduction to the subject. 203 p. cloth $3, paper $2

The General Strike—How the General Strike can be used to attain industrial freedom. Published June, 1946. 48 p. 20 cents

IWW Songs: To Fan the Flames of Discontent—The 31st edition of the famous Little Red Song Book, contains such classics as “Preacher and the Slave,” “Solidarity Forever,” and “The Popular Wobbly” by Joe Hill, T-Bone Slim, Ralph Chaplin, Richard Brazier and others. 40 cents

Unemployment and the Machine—Some copies of this pamphlet, published in the 1930s, are still available. It is of course quite outdated but not entirely without its interest. 10 cents

A Union for ALL Railroad Workers—A description of the application of IWW revolutionary industrial unionism to the railroad industry. Published in 1947. 32 p. Illustrated. 20 cents

The Lumber Industry and its Workers—The third edition of this 96-paged illustrated description of the lumber industry & the relationship of the IWW to it was published in the 1920s. It contains, among other things, a brief history of lumber workers’ unionization. 25 cents

Coal Mines and Coal Miners—The story of a great industry and the men who work in it. An industrial handbook prepared by the Educational Bureau of the IWW for the coal miners of the world. Published in the 1920s, some copies are still available. 50 cents

Battle Hymns of Toil—A paperback collection of songs and poems by IWW organizer and writer Covington Hall. $1.00

The IWW Reply to the Red Trade Union International (Moscow)—This 32-paged pamphlet was published in 1922 and is today quite scarce. It is an important, relevant document in revolutionary history criticizing the debilitating influence of Bolshevism and the Communist Parties on the working class movement. $1.00

Chicago Replies to Moscow—A 1940s critique of Stalinism & the C.P. 10 cents

Industrial Worker (November 13, 1948)—Special issue devoted to an analysis of the case of Joe Hill by the Friends of Joe Hill Committee, organized by the General Defense Committee of the IWW; primarily a detailed reply to Wallace Stenser’s “Joe Hill: The Wobbly’s Troubadour.” A few copies of this rare issue are available for only $1.00

One Big Union Monthly—A few copies of this illustrated Wobbly journal of the 1930s, containing many articles on the Spanish Revolution, developments in U.S. industry, the CIO, IWW history, etc., are still available. $2.00 each

Joe Hill Memorial Poster—Issued on the 50th Anniversary of the legal murder of Fellow Worker Joe Hill. 50 cents

SHEET MUSIC—suitable for framing

The Internationale .50

We Have Fed You All for a Thousand Years .50

The Advancing Proletaire .50

Rebel Worker Pamphlets

1) Mods, Rockers & the Revolution—A collection of articles (by Franklin Rosemont, Charles Radcliffe and Richard Mabey) on popular culture and the youth revolt. Gear-fab iconoclasm and caustic originality in the good old Rebel Worker tradition. 12 p. Illustrated..15

The following pamphlets are scheduled for publication during 1966.

2) The IWW & the New Left—Articles by younger Wobblies (Jonathan Leake, Franklin Rosemont & Bernard Marszalek) on the situation of the class struggle today, including a thoroughgoing critique of the traditional and new Left, and setting down some proposals (modest & immodest) on how to rebuild the revolutionary movement. January, 1966, .15

3) Revolutionary Consciousness—A collection of articles to expand it and develop it by Bruce Elwell, Jim Evrard, Walter Caughey & Gaston Bachelard, February, 1966 15 cents

4) Workers’ Management: A Wobbly View by Tom Condit. A contemporary IWW exposition of non-bureaucratic, libertarian industrial democracy, guaranteed to embarass, anger & expose all elitists and reformists who want to “lead” the workers & “control” the Revolution. March ’66. 15 cents

5) SABOTAGE ANTHOLOGY—Is sabotage the solution? Read this collection of articles on the theory & practice of sabotage yesterday & today and find out for yourself. Contributions by Emile Pouget, Walker C. Smith, Kenneth Burg, Joe Hill, Lawrence DeCoster, Ralph Chaplin, Torvald Faegre, Frank Bohn, Bernard Marszalek, John Lane, Robert Green, Arturo Giovannitti, Lionel Bottari, Charles H. Kerr, John Lennon, Lester Dore, Tom Meisenheimer, Louis Adamic, B.H. Williams, Penelope Rosemont, Dorothy DeCoster, T-Bone Slim & Benjamin Peret; Introduction by Franklin Rosemont. Profusely illustrated with drawings & cartoons. Summer, 1966 50 cents

6) The Right to Be Lazy by Paul Lafargue. summer 1966. Classic refutation of the “right to work” by Marx’s son-in-law. [price omitted in original]

7) Surrealism & Revolution—A collection of texts by André Breton, Nicolas Calas, Pierre Mabille, Benjamin Peret, Marcel Marien, Rene Crevel, Paul Nouge, Jacques B. Brunius, Herbert Read, Georges Henein, Lawrence & Dorothy DeCoster, Franklin & Penelope Rosemont, presenting various aspects of the surrealist view of the Revolution. summer, 1966, 35 cents

Publication of these & other Rebel Worker pamphlets will be noted in The Rebel Worker. Suggestions for other pamphlets are welcome.

Books on the IWW

ADAMIC, Louis: Dynamite—The Story of Class Violence in America. (See U.S. Labor History.) Several chapters on the IWW, sabotage, direct action, etc.

BARKER, Tom: Memoirs. (See Biography.) Tom Barker was an organizer for Marine Transport Workers Industrial Union 510 of the IWW.

BLAISDELL, Lowell L.: The Desert Revolution: Baja California 1911. (University of Wisconsin) The revolution in and around Tijuana in which Joe Hill and many other IWW members took an active part. cloth $5.00.

BRISSENDEN, Paul F.: The IWW: A Study of American Syndicalism, (Russell) $5.00. The best:& most well-documented study of the early years of the movement, from 1905 to 1913 and sketchily to 1918. Essential for the serious student of the IWW, labor history or the revolutionary movement. Bibliography.

BROEHL, Wayne: The Molly Maguires (Harvard University Press, 1964) 409 pp. $8.95

The “Mollies” were Irish miners in Pennsylvania around the 1870s who fought for a decent life against almost insurmountable odds. A good study though it tries to dilute the romanticism.

CANNON, James P.: The First Ten Years of American Communism. (See U.S. Labor History.) Includes a chapter on the IWW, to which Cannon belonged before he left it for the CP, later to become known as one of the foremost American Trotskyists and founder of the Socialist Workers Party (SWP).

DOWELL, Eldridge F.: History of Criminal Syndicalism Legislation in the U.S. (Johns Hopkins, 1939) cloth $2.50. Criminal syndicalism laws were enacted in many states to suppress the organizing efforts of Wobblies. This is a scholarly work tracing their origin & development.

GREENWAY, John: American Folksongs of Protest. (See U.S. Labor History) $1.95
Discusses the songs of the IWW (& Joe Hill in particular) at some length.

HAWLEY, Lowell: Counsel for the Damned. (See Biography)

FLYNN, Elizabeth Gurley: I Speak My Own Piece. (See Biography)
Much material on her days as an IWW member, before she degenerated into the CP.

FONER, Philip S.: The Case of Joe Hill. (See Biography)
Most detailed study yet of the government frame-up of a Wobbly organizer and song-writer.

FONER, Philip S.: The Industrial Workers of the World. Vol. IV of The History of the Labor Movement in the U.S. (International) cloth $8.50
A detailed and useful study of the IWW, though somewhat biased against the more libertarian aspects of the IWW. Foner is one of the official historians of the Communist Party.

FONER, Philip S., editor: The Letters of Joe Hill, (See listing under Hill, below)

FOSTER, William Z.: Pages from a Worker’s Life. (See Biography) Foster was a CO during World War I, then joined the IWW, then started the ultra-sectarian Syndicalist League of North America, and then... joined the CP, of which he became a prominent member and hack journalist.

FRIEDHEIM, Robert L.: The Seattle General Strike. (University of Washington) cloth $5.00
A scholarly account of the Seattle General Strike of 1919, much influenced by the IWW & in which many Wobblies played an active role.

HAYWOOD, William D.: Bill Haywood’s Book: The Autobiography of William D. Haywood. (See Biography)
Haywood, of course, was one of the most prominent Wobs throughout the earliest years.

HILL, Joe: The Letters of Joe Hill. Edited by Philip S. Foner. (Oak) paper $1.95
Annotated letters of the famous IWW organizer and song-writer, showing him to be a man with sharp insight into the revolutionary movement and the American working class, also shows his Wobbly sense of humor & satire. 96 p.

HILL, Joe: The Songs of Joe Hill. Edited by Barrie Stavis & Frank Harmon. (Oak) $1.00
Twenty-one songs and Joe Hill’s “Last Will,” with historical annotations situating the songs into the period & circumstances of their composition. The Foreword by Barrie Stavis displays his total incomprehension of the IWW but the book is otherwise quite useful & enjoyable. 48 p.

KORNBLUH, Joyce (editor): Rebel Voices: An IWW Anthology. (Ann Arbor) cloth $12.50
A large (419 paged), lavishly illustrated and elaborately laid out (9” x 11” page size) anthology of Wobbly songs, articles, photographs, publications, cartoons, etc. Much of the historical material (by the editor) is superficial and misleading, but the anthology itself is excellent, with articles from the IWW press on subjects ranging from soapboxing to sabotage to organizing lumberjacks. Includes many out-of-print Wobbly songs and an extensive bibliography. Beautifully transmits the Wobbly folk heritage, but the editor lacks a political awareness.

O’CONNOR, Harvey: Revolution in Seattle, A Memoir. (See U.S. Labor History)
Covers in great detail IWW activity on the Northwest Coast.

PRESTON, William: Aliens and Dissenters. (Harvard) cloth $6.75
History of Federal suppression of radicals, 1903–1933. Much material on the IWW.


BAKUNIN, Michael: Marxism Freedom and the State (Freedom Press) 63 pp. $1.00
This collection of extracts from the work of Bakunin is taken largely from his controversy-with Marx and contains the gloomy forebodings on the destination of Marxist socialism which have proven prophetic.

BAKUNIN, Michael: God and the State (Libertarian Publications, Bombay) $1.25

BARRETT, George: The First Person (Freedom Press) 37 pp. $.40.
A collection of essays on Anarchism by one of the best of the British anarchist orators.

BERKMAN, Alexander: ABC of Anarchism (Freedom Press) 99 pp. $.40
The best exposition of Communist Anarchism published. In clear language Berkman tells of the relevance of anarchism; written after his crushing experience with the tyrranical regime of Bolshevik Russia.

BERNERI, Marie Louise: Journey Through Utopia (Routledge & Kegan Paul) 319 pp. $3.50
To quote Lewis Mumford: “Journey Through Utopia is the most comprehensive and the most perceptive study of that ideal land that I have come across in any language.”

BUBER, Martin: Paths In Utopia (Beacon Press) 152 pp. $1.50
An adequate account of the Utopian (and Libertarian) ideal in socialist thought with a good exposition of Proudhon and Kropotkin, along with a critical evaluation of Leninist practice.

COMFORT, Alex: Delinquency (Freedom Press) 14 pp. $.15
Dr. Comfort’s attempt to understand delinquency is so worthwhile because he does not take the simplistic stand of sentimental progressives that delinquency will be abolished with the coming of a more just and more equal form of society.

DOCTOR, Adi: Anarchist Thought in India (Asia Publishing House, Bombay, 1963) $3.00
An excellent description of the many libertarian currents in Indian political thought.

ELTZBACHER, Paul: Anarchism (Freedom Press) 272 pp. $3.00
A classical study of seven anarchist thinkers with large excerpts from their writings, together with an essay on Anarcho-Syndicalism by Rudolf Rocker.

FAURE, Sebastian: Does God Exist? (Libertarian Publishers, Bombay) $.85

GIBSON, Tony: Youth For Freedom (Freedom Press) 48 pp. $.35
A pamphlet which deals with the factors influencing the development of a free and socially effective youth.

GIBSON, Tony: Food Production and Population (Freedom Press) 8 pp. $.10
A concise indictment of governmental policies which, if left unchecked, will starve the world.

GIBSON, Tony: Who Will Do the Dirty Work? (Freedom press) 8 pp. $.10
Answer to the perennial question asked of anarchists.

GOLDMAN, Emma: Anarchism and Other Essays (Libertarian Publishing Company, Bombay $1.50

GOLDMAN, Emma: The Place of the Individual in Society (Free Society Forum) 16 pp. $.15

GOODMAN, Paul: Drawing the Line (Random House) $1.50
A great collection of essays by America’s most prolific anarchist writer

GOODMAN, Paul: (see Education)

GUTKIND, E.A.: The Expanding Environment: The End of the Cities—The Rise of Communities (Freedom Press, 1953) 70 pp. Illus. $2.00

HEWETSON, John: Sexual Freedom for the young (Freedom Press) 16 pp. $.50
A beautiful little pamphlet which takes the revolutionary position that society must adjust its aims to the developing child—and not vice versa.

HOROWITZ, Irving L., ed.: The Anarchists (Dell Books, 1964) 640 pp. $.95
Horowitz’s Introduction to this anthology contributes nothing to anarchism, but the book is worth having for the out-of-print articles it contains by Emma Goldman, Berkman and others.

JACKSON, Hampden J.: Marx, Proudhon and European Socialism (Collier Books) 155 pp. $.95
Proudhon receives a fair appreciation of his role in influencing the growth of European syndicalism.

JOLL, James: The Anarchists (Little, Brown Co., 1965) $6.00
A poor history of Anarchism with ten photographs.

KROPOTKIN, Peter: Revolutionary Government (Freedom Press), 16 pp. $.15
Apamphlet which demonstrates the impossibility (based on historical examples) of creating a government which will act in the interests of revolutionary principles.

KROPOTKIN, Peter: The State, Its Historic Role (Freedom Press) 64 pp. $.35
A somewhat longer review of the State which explains the functions it expropriates and indicates why it is that anarchists have always laid stress on the struggle against the State as the central issue of the revolutionary struggle.

KROPOTKIN, Peter: The Wage System (Freedom Press) 24 pp. $.15
An essay which devastates Marx’s belief that a just wage system can be created. Kropotkin shows that a wage system always exists in a class society, and with its abolition not only would classes disappear but also the State.

KROPOTKIN, Peter: Appeal To the Young (Resistance Press) 20 pp. $.10
Kropotkin outlines how a young person can use his or her abilities and training, not just to selfish advantage but to the benefit of us all.

KROPOTKIN, Peter: Anarchism and Socialistic Evolution (Libertarian Publishing Company, Bombay) $.85

MACDONALD, Dwight: The Root is Man, $.75
One of the best expositions of man in capitalist society.

MALATESTA, Errico: Anarchy (Freedom Press) 30 pp. $.25
A thorough account of anarchism, written by the most outstanding agitator since Bakunin. Along with ABC, this pamphlet is essential reading for an unprejudiced statement of the fundamentals of anarchism.

MALATESTA, Errico: Vote What For? (Libertarian League) 15 pp. $.05
Original titled Dialog Between Two Workers, this little tract is probably the best piece of anarchist propaganda around.

MARTIN, Charles: Towards A Free Society (Freedom Press) 62 pp., $.50
A concise review of socialist thought together with an examination of Marxism put into practice. Martin concludes with an attempt to discover in what way and in what form socialism in practice would serve to uphold its highest ideal—freedom.

MARTIN, J.J.: Man Against The State (Libertarian Book Club) $3.25
The only book available sketching the lives and ideas of America’s individualist-anarchists like Tucker and Josiah Warren.

MAXIMOFF, George: Constructive Anarchism (Maximoff Publishing Committee) out-of-print $5.00

MAXIMOFF, G.P. ed,: The Political Philosophy of Bakunin (The Free Press of Glencoe) 434 pp. $2.95
Bakunin was the foremost anarchist agitator of the last century and consequently Marx’s fiercest enemy. This is the only collectionn of his writings and is well worth having though some of the articles suffer from Bakunin’s hurried style.

READ, Herbert: Poetry and Anarchism (Freedom Press) 80 pp. $.40

RICHARDS, Vernon, ed.: Errico Malatesta, His Life & Ideas (Freedom Press) 309 pp. $2.00 paper; $5.00 cloth
An excellent compilation of the writings of a first-rate anarchist thinker who addressed himself to problems of a modern society in a most pragmatic manner.

ROCKER, Rudolf: Anarcho-Syndicalism (See Syndicalism)
The classic statement of syndicalism, explaining the rise of syndicalist thought in the working class movement of the last century and its contemporary significance to industrial society.

STALIN, Joseph: Anarchism or Socialism (See Socialism)

SHAPIRO, J. Salwyn: Movements of Social Dissent in Modern Europe (Anvil, 1962) $1.45
An academic study that covers the anarchists rather fairly.

STIRNER, Max: The Ego And His Own (Libertarian Book Club) 366 pp. $1.95
An anarchist classic. The book for the anarchist-individualist case. Stirner’s thought is incisive and makes Ayn Rand’s seem like the product of a quisling by comparison.

TUCKER, Benjamin; State Socialism and Anarchism (Tucker) $.50
A more conservative anarchist-individualist statement.

WEINER, Sam: The Labor Party Illusion (Libertarian League) 14 pp. $.10
Meant for the “old Left” who carried these illusions around with them like carbuncles.

WEINER, Sam: Ethics and American Unionism (Libertarian League) 24 pp. $.15
The AFL-CIO Code of Ethics (?) as a departure for a libertarian analysis of the bankruptcy of American Unionism. A good introductory libertarian critique of an authoritarian institution.

WERKHEISER, Don: Voluntary Associations (School of Living) $.20
A traditional communalist argument.

WOODCOCK, George: Anarchism: A History (Smith, Peter) cloth $4.00; (Meridian) 504 pp. paper $1.95
An adequate discussion of the ideas of the principal anarchist thinkers along with a comprehensive history of anarchist organizations throughout the world up to the Thirties.


BAKUNIN, M.: God and the State (Hall, 1959) $4.20
This cloth edition is the original volume edited by Cafiero and Reclus.

CARR, E.H.: Romantic Exiles (see Biography)

COLE, G.D.H.; Marxism and Anarchism 1850–1890 (Vol. II of Socialist Thought) (St. Martins) $6.75
The best documentation of the movement of that period written.

DAVID, Henry: History of the Haymarket Affair (see U.S. Labor History)

KROPOTKIN, Peter: Memoirs of a Revolutionary (see Biography)

MUMFORD, Lewis: Story of Utopias (Compass) $1.45
Along with Buber and Berneri worthwhile, though inferior to their works in this area.


ANDERSON, Andy: Hungary ’56 (See Labor History, Hungarian Revolution)

BOGGS, James C.: The American Revolution: Pages from a Negro Worker’s Notebook (Monthly Review) $1.00
An exposition of the bankruptcy of the official labor movement and the traditional left in the U.S.

BORKENAU, Franz: World Communism (See Labor History)

BUONARROTI, Philippe: Babeuf’s Conspiracy for Equality (Augustus M. Kelley) Translated by Bronterre O’Brien. 454 pp. Photocopy of the 1836 edition $12.50
The history of the conspiracy of 1794, the pioneer effort (save for Winstanley’s) at socialist revolution. Includes a collection of manifestoes and addresses of the Babeuvian movement.

CANNON, James P.: The First Ten Years of American Communism (See Labor History US)

CANNON, James P.: The History of American Trotskyism (See History US)

CARDAN, Paul: The Meaning of Socialism (Solidarity) 26 pp. $.15
A concise exposition of Revolutionary Socialism. Cardan is a revolutionary French economist and one of the editors of the French socialist journal Socialisme ou Barbarie. The Solidarity Group, which published it, and whose point of view it represents, is the group in England closest in spirit to the I.W.W.

CARDAN, Paul: Modern Capitalism and Revolution (Solidarity) 107 pp. paper $1.00
This small book is an attempt to describe the main features and to analyze the dynamic of modern, fully-industrialized capitalist societies, from a revolutionary socialist point of view. It attempts for the world of 1965 what Marx attempted a hundred years ago in relation to the world around him. This is certainly one of the most important books for revolutionaries today.

CLIFF, Tony: Rosa Luxemburg (See below under Luxemburg)

CLIFF, Tony: Russia: a Marxist Analysis (See Labor History, the Russian Revolution)

COLE, G.D.H.: A History of Socialist Thought (See Labor History)

COLE, G.D.H.: Selected Writings of William Morris (See below under Morris)

COX, Oliver Cromwell: Caste, Class and Race (Monthly Review) $6.00
A contemporary Marxist review and analysis of the social and ethnic background of barriers of social caste, class distinction and racial friction.

CROWLEY, George and Louise: Beyond Automation. In Anarchy 49 (Special issue on Automation) $.30
Written originally for Monthly Review, this article begins with a criticism of the Ad Hoc Committee on the Triple Revolution but goes beyond it with revolutionary analysis of automation-cybernetics and a new concept of the “lumpenproletariat” to offer new political guidelines to the Left.

DELEON, Daniel: Socialist Landmarks (N.Y. Labor News) $.75
Contains Reform or Revolution, What Means This Strike?, The Burning Question of Trades Unionism and, Socialist Reconstruction of Society

DENBY, Charles: Workers Battle Automation (See Labor History, the Labor Movement Today)

DIETZGEN, Joseph: Philosophical Essays (Charles H. Kerr) 362 pp. cloth $2.00
Joseph Dietzgen (1828–1888) was an important but now nearly forgotten socialist thinker. (His main work, The Positive Outcome of Philosophy, has been long out of print.) In this volume are collected several essays on “The Religion of Social Democracy,” ethics, socialist philosophy, “The Limits of Cognition,” “The Inconceivable” and the “Excursions of a Socialist into the domain of Epistemology.”

DJILAS, Milovan: Conversations with Stalin (Harcourt) paper $1.65; cloth $3.95
A record of their talks during and immediately after WWII, revealing the reactionary nature of the Stalinist State

DJILAS, Milovan: The New Class: An analysis of the Communist system (Praeger) 221 pp. cloth $3.95
An analysis of the rise of the bureaucracy.

DRAPER, Hal: Berkeley: The New Student Revolt (See Youth and Students)

DRAPER, Hal: Labor: Key to a better World $.10
A brief pamphlet on the role of the working class in building Socialism

DRAPER, Hal: The mind of Clark Kerr (See Youth and Students).

DRAPER, Hal: The Two Souls of Socialism $.15
The revolutionary and democratic traditions of socialism are counterposed to the various brands of elitist and reformist “socialism,” from the beginnings of the movement to today.

DUNAYEVSKAYA, Raya: Marxism and Freedom. From 1776 Until Today Preface by Herbert Marcuse (Twayne) 364 pp. $1.98
An important contemporary Marxist work, especially interesting is the chapter “The Challenge of Mao Tse-Tung” published in this edition for the first time. Raya Donayevskaya, Trotsky’s secretary until she broke with him in 1940, is the principal animator of the Marxist-Humanist News and Letters group in Detroit.

DUNAYEVSKAYA, Raya: Nationalism, Communism, Marxist Humanism and the Afro-American Revolutions. Foreword and Appendix by Peter Cadogan (News and Letters) 16 pp. $.25
A study of the Afro Asian [sic] revolutions from the Marxist-Humanist viewpoint

DUNAYEILSKAYA, Raya: Sartre’s Search for a Method to Undermine Marxism (News and Letters) 16 pp. $.20
A brief essay outlining the reactionary implications in the work of the French existentialist philosopher.

EINSTEIN, Albert: Why Socialism? (Monthly Review) $.25
A pamphlet on the need for socialism by the great mathematician and physicist.

ENGELS, Frederic: Anti-Duhring (Foreign Languages) 542 pp. cloth $2.00
A critique of the “scientific philosophy”of the German socialist reformist Eugen During

ENGELS, Frederic: Historical Materialism (N.Y. Labor News) $.15
On the economic, social and political history of England.

ENGELS, FREDERIC: Ludwig Feurbach and the End of Classical German Philosophy (International) 95 pp. paper $.60; cloth $1.50

ENGELS, Frederic: The Mark (N.Y. Labor News) $.26
Written as an appendix to Socialism: Utopian and Scientific.

ENGELS, Frederic: On Capital (International) 157 pp. cloth $2.00
Reviews, articles, prefaces and letters on Marx’s Capital and a study guide.

ENGELS, Frederic: The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State (International) 176 pp. cloth $2.00

ENGELS, Frederic: The Peasant War in Germany (International) 191 pp. cloth $2;50
The social and economic forces which led to the first people’s revolution in Germany.

ENGELS, Frederic: Socialism: Utopian and Scientific (Charles H. Kerr) $.25
Probably Engels’ most popular work, extracted from the Anti-Duhring. A critique of the “utopian” socialist theories of Owen, Fourier and Saint-Simon; an exposition of dialectical materialism and the Marxist theory of Socialism

FACING REALITY PUBLISHING COMMITTEE: State Capitalism and World Revolution (Forthcoming)
A theoretical statement of the Facing Reality group.

FEUER, Lewis ed.: Basic Writings of Marx and Engels on Politics and Philosophy (Anchor) paper
A useful collection of writings, some not readily available elsewhere. Introduction by Feuer, a pseudo-radical and superficial academician, noted for his opposition to the Berkeley student struggle.

FOURIER, Francois Marie Charles: Theorie des Quatre Mouvements (Forthcoming) (J.J. Pouvert) French Text
One of the classic works of Utopian socialism, outlining Fourier’s theories of “passional attraction” and “universal harmony.” Fourier (1772–1837) is coming to interest many younger revolutionaries because of the great psychoanalytical, anthropological and surrealist significance of his work.

FRIED, Albert & SANDERS, Ronald: Socialist Thought: A Documentary History (Anchor) 544 pp. cloth $7.50, paper $1.95
A useful collection of socialist writings from the French Revolution to the present, including selections from Fourier, Owen, Marx, Engels, Lenin, etc.

FROMM, Erich: Let Man Prevail (Socialist Party)
A socialist or (more correctly, a social democrat) manifesto

FROMM, Erich ed.: An International Symposium on Socialist Humanism (Doubleday) cloth $5.95
A collection of 36 essays by Leopold Senghor of Senegal, Raya Dunayevskaya and Herbert Marcuse of the U.S., Adam Schaff of Poland, Lucien Goldmann of France, Irving Fetscher of Germany, Gajo Petrovic of Yugoslavia and others.

GLABERMAN, Martin: Union Committeemen and Wildcat Strikes (correspondence) 23 pp. $.20
A study of wildcat strikes in the automobile industry. “When hundreds of thousands of men, in utter disregard for Reuther... come out on strike on what appears to be petty local grievances, it is because they have become convinced that the union machinery can no longer solve these elementary: problems. That means that a new type of organization is on the way.”

HALL, Charles: The Effects of Civilization on the People in European States (Augustus M. Kelley) 349 pp., cloth $12.50
A photocopy facsimile of the 1805 edition. Hall, a physician, was one of the earliest socialist theorists. This book contains his theory of economic exploitation and an attempt to describe and measure that exploitation.

HASS, Eric: Automation (See Labor History, the Labor Movement Today)

HOOK, Sidney: Marx and the Marxists: The ambiguous legacy (Van Nostrand) 254 pp. paper $1.25
A muddled anthology by a muddled ex-Marxist (of sorts)

JAMES, C.L.R.: The Black Jacobins (See Labor History)

JAMES, C.L.R.: Lenin, Trotsky and the Vanguard Party (Facing Reality) 9 pp. $.15
An attempt to remove Lenin from the ranks of elitist, vanguard politics, and to situate him, more or less, as a libertarian Marxist.

JAMES, C.L.R.: Mariners, Renegades and Castaways: Herman Melville and the World We Live In (See Miscellaneous)

JAMES, C.L.R.: Modern Politics (Facing Reality) (Forthcoming)
A penetrating study of the roots of the modern crisis in the history of civilization. Suppressed upon its publication in Trinidad.

JAMES, C.L.R.: Party Politics in the West Indies (Facing Reality) 175 pp. $1.25
James is a contemporary Marxist writer, a former Secretary of the West Indian Federal Labour Party. He presently resides in England.

JOHNSON, J.R.: Marxism and the Intellectuals (Facing Reality) 32 pp. $.25
A critical review of two books by the British socialist Raymond Williams

JOHNSON, J.R.: (with Grace Lee and Pierre Chaulieu) Facing Reality (Correspondence) 174 pp. paper $.50
The basic statement of the Correspondence group (now the Facing Reality group). “The Hungarian Revolution has uncovered, for the whole world to see, the goal to which the struggles against bureaucracy are moving,...the future lies with the power of the working class and the great masses of the people.”

JOHNSON-FOREST TENDENCY: Balance Sheet 32 pp. $.35
A review of Trotskyism in the United States from 1940 to 1947 by a minority tendency in the Trotskyist movement at that time. The Johnson-Forest tendency; animated chiefly by C.L.R. James (Johnson) and Raya Dunayevskaya (Forest) evolved into an increasingly more libertarian point of view, forming the Correspondence group in 1953. Later this group split into two: News & Letters and Facing Reality.

KAUTSKY, Karl: Communism in Central Europe at the Time of the Reformation. (Russell) Cloth, $6.00

KAUTSKY, Karl; The Foundations of Christianity (Russell) cloth $6.00
The historical significance of the origins of Christianity from a socialist point of view.

KAUTSKY, Karl: The Proletarian Revolution (Ann Arbor) paper $1.75
A critique of Bolshevism and the “dictatorship of the proletariat.” Kautsky was one of the leading socialist writers and theoreticians of the Second International.

KAUTSKY, Karl: Thomas More and his Utopia (Russell) cloth $5.00
A socialist interpretation of the renaissance utopia of Sir Thomas More.

KERACHER, John: Economics for Beginners (Charles H. Kerr) $.10
An introduction to Marxist economics by the late founder of the Proletarian Party.

KERACHER, John: Producers and Parasites (Charles H. Kerr) 31 pp. $.10
A popular introduction to the traditional socialist critique of Socialism.

KOLLANTAI, Alexandra: The Workers Opposition (See Labor History, the Russian Revolution)

KORSCH, Karl: Karl Marx (Russell) cloth.$4.00
An excellent critical study of Marx by a perceptive and original German socialist.

KRAMER, Jack: Punching Out (See Labor History, the Labor Movement Today)

LAFARGUE, Paul: The Evolution of Property (Charles H., Kerr) 160 pp. cloth $2.00
A study of the evolution of the idea of property, based largely on the works of Marx and Engels and also Lewis Henry Morgan and other anthropologists. Lafargue (1842–1911) was Marx’s son-in-law.

LAFARGUE, Paul: The Religion of Capital (N.Y. Labor News) 32 pp. $.10
A satirical exposure of capital’s claims of sanctity.

LAFARGUE, Paul: The Right to be Lazy (forthcoming Rebel Worker pamphlet)
A delightful and important refutation of the “right to work.”

LAFARGUE, Paul: Social and Philosophical Studies (Charles H. Kerr) 165 pp. $2.00
Includes: “Causes of Belief in God;” “The Origin of Abstract Ideas”; “The origin of the Idea of Justice”; “The Origin of the Idea of Good”

LIEBKNECHT, Karl: Militarism (B.W. Huebsch) cloth $3.50
Out of print but still fairly available. A classic Marxist analysis of Militarism in capitalist society. Liebknecht was the great co-thinker and comrade of Rosa Luxemburg and Anton Pannekoek.

LIEBKNECHT, William: On the Political Position of Social Democracy $.40

LENIN, Vladimir Ilyich: Imperialism: The Highest Stage of Capitalism $.85
An important work of political economy, by a well-known socialist theoretician of the early twentieth century.

LENIN, Vladimir Ilyich: State and Revolution, (International) 103 pp. $.75
An unwitting reply to Marxist-Leninist politics

LUXEMBURG, Rosa: The Accumulation of Capital (Monthly Review) 475 pp. cloth $7.50; paper $3.95 Trans. by Agnes Schwarschild.
A controversial theory of the dynamic development of Capitalism. “The most important work of political economy since marx” (Nicolas Calas).
Rosa Luxemburg (1870–1919) was the greatest libertarian Marxist of her time.

LUXEMBURG, Rosa: Leninism or Marxism? (See Labor History, Russian Revolution)

LUXEMBURG, Rosa: the Mass strike, the Political Party and the Trade Unions (See Labor History, Russian Revolution)

LUXEMBURG, Rosa: The Russian Revolution and Leninism or Marxism? (See Labor History, Russian Revolution)

LUXEMBURG, Rosa: Selections from Her Writings (edited by Tony Cliff)
A fair selection by one of the editors of the journal, International Socialism

LUXEMBURG, Rosa: Socialism and the Churches (Lanka Samasamaja, Ceylon) $.25
An analysis of the role of religion in capitalist society.

MARCUSE, Herbert: Eros and Civilization (See Psychoanalysis)

MARCUSE, Herbert: One-Dimensional Man: Studies in the Ideology of Advanced Industrial Sodiety (Beacon) cloth $6.00
Marcuse is one of the most important contemporary Marxist writers, despite his pessimism.

MARCUSE, Herbert: Reason and Revolution: Hegel and the Rise of Social Theory (Beacon) 447 pp. paper $2.49
A penetrating study of Hegel, Marx and early sociology in the light of revolutionary history.

MARCUSE, Herbert: Soviet Marxism: A Critical Analysis (Vintage) 272 pp. $1.25

MARTINET, Gilles: Marxism of’ our Time, or the Contradictions of Socialism (Monthly Review) $3.25
A critical look at contemporary socialism by the editor of France Observateur and a left-wing member of the United Socialist Party (PSU) of France.

MARTOV, Julius: The State and Socialist Revolution
A critique of Bolshevism written during 1918–1923. Martov (1873–1923) was a great Marxist and intransigent champion of democracy within the Russian soviets.

MARX, Karl: Capital Volume I (Charles H. Kerr) cloth $4.00
The cornerstone of Marx’s economic theory.

MARX, Karl: Capital Vol. II (Dutton) $1.95

MARX, Karl: Civil War in France (Charles-H. Kerr) $.95
A penetrating analysis of the Paris Commune of 1871.

MARX, Karl: Class struggle in France (International) $1.45
Marx’s first attempt to explain a section of contemporary history by means of the materialist conception, covering events in France, 1848–1850.

MARX, Karl: The Communist Manifesto (See below, Marx and Engels)

MARX, Karl: Critique of the Gotha Program (N.Y. Labor News) $.75
Marginal notes criticising the program of the German Socialist Party.

MARX, Karl: Critique of Political Economy (Charles H. Kerr) cloth $2.50
His first full book on economics and prelude to Capital.

MARX, Karl: Economic and Philosophical Manuscripts of 1844.(Unger) 268 pp. [no price printed]
These are the papers of the “young Marx” which have provoked quite a controversy recently among the traditional Left (who generally consider the works “immature”). Many of the ideas in these papers (particularly the concept of alienation) have exerted considerable influence on many younger revolutionaries.

MARX, Karl: The Poverty of Philosophy (Charles H. Kerr) 227 pp. $2.50
A masterly criticism of Proudhon’s Philosophy of Poverty

MARX, Karl: Theories of Surplus Value (International)
Selections from Vol. IV of Capital, left in manuscript form at the time of Marx’S death.

MARX, Karl: Value, Price and Profit (Charles H. Kerr) cloth $.95 paper $.45
A popular exposition of Marxist political economy.

MARX, Karl: Wage, Labor and Capital (Charles H. Kerr) $.25
Popular explanation of Marx’s theories of surplus value and exploitation.

MARX & ENGELS: The Civil War in the United States (See Labor History, U.S.)

MARX & ENGELS: The Communist Manifesto (Charles H., Kerr) $.25
The beginning of Marxism.

MARX & ENGELS: The German Ideology (New World) $1.65; complete edition, cloth: $7.50

MARX & ENGELS: Letters to Americans (International) 312 pp. cloth $4.00 paper $1.85
Fifty years of correspondence with friends in the U.S.

MARX & ENGELS: Revolution in Spain (See Labor History, Spanish Revolution)

MARX & ENGELS: Selected Correspondence (International) 551 pp. cloth $3.00
Letters clarifying many aspects of Marxist thought.

MARX & ENGELS: Selected Works (2 vols.) (Foreign Languages Publishing House) Vol. I 679 pp.; Vol. II: 531 pp. cloth $2.00 each; $4.00 set
Volume I includes, complete: The Communist Manifesto; Wage, Labor and Capital; The Class Struggles in France; The Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte; The Civil War in France; The Housing Question; numerous fragments, speeches, prefaces, Indexed. Volume II includes complete: The Critique of the Gotha Program; Socialism Utopian and Scientific; The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State; Ludwig Feurbach and the End of Classical German Philosophy; Theses on Feurbach; numerous short articles, prefaces, fragments and letters.

MATTICK, Paul: The Inevitability of Communism: A Critique of Sidney Hook’s Interpretation of Marx (Polemic Publishers) 48 pp. $3.00
Out-of-print and scarce (published in 1935) but still available in limited quantity. A devastating attack on Sidney Hook’s book, Towards the Understanding of Karl Marx. Mattick is one of the most important contemporary Marxist writers. Formerly active in the IWW and the Council Communist movement, he has recently contributed to such journals as New Politics, Front Noir, Contemporary Issues, etc.

MEHRING, Franz: Karl Marx (See Biography)

MENDEL, Arthur P. (Editor): Essential Works of Marxism (Bantam) $.75
A bourgeois anthology. Includes the Communist Manifesto, Socialism: Utopian and Scientific; Lenin’s State and Revolution, other texts by Stalin, Mao-tse Tung, etc.

MILLS, C. Wright: The Marxists (Dell).480 pp. paper $.75
A not-particularly-useful critical anthology by the late American sociologist. Texts by Karl Kautsky, Edouard Bernstein, Rosa Luxemburg, Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, G.D.H. Cole, Che Guevara, etc.

MORGAN, H. Wayne: American Socialism: 1900–1960 (Prentice-Hall) $1.95
A mediocre collection of texts.

MORRIS, William: Art, Labour and Socialism $.25
A pioneer analysis of the social role of art, and a burning indictment of capitalism. Morris (1834–1896) was a poet, essayist, critic, printer, dyer, painter, weaver, architect, furniture-maker, translator, editor, and revolutionary socialist. He participated in the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood and contributed numerous articles to the late 19th century British socialist press.

MORRIS, William: Selected Writings, Edited by G.D.H. Cole (Random) cloth $5.00
A good selection, edited by the socialist writer G.D.H. Cole.

MORRIS, William: Writings and Designs, Edited by Asa Briggs (Penguin) 331 pp. illus. paper $1.65
Includes poems and reproductions of tapestries, wallpaper and book designs, etc., plus a 70 page section titled “socialism” (and many other articles referring to Morris’s conception of politics) and a 119-paged abridgement of his socialist utopian romance News from Nowhere.

OWEN, Robert: A New View of Society. (Free Press) 184 pp. cloth $2.00
A facsimile reproduction of the third edition of this important Utopian Socialist work, originally published in London in 1817. Owen was one of the most widely known and influential of the pre-Marxist socialists.

PANNEKOEK, Anton: The History of Astronomy (See Miscellaneous)

PANNEKOEK, Anton: Lenin as Philosopher (new Essays) 80 pp. $1.50
A revolutionary socialist critique of the philosophical basis of Leninism. Pannekoek (1873–1960) was one of the greatest theoreticians of the libertarian Marxist Council Communist Movement.

PANNEKOEK, Anton: Marxism and Darwinism (Charles H. Kerr) 58 pp. paper $1.50
Fairly scarce, but available in limited quantity. An analysis of the significance and implications of these two important thought-currents.

PLEKHANOV, George V.: The Bourgeois Revolution (N.Y. Labor News) $.10
Plekhanov (1856–1918) was a pioneer Marxist theorist and polemicist in Russia.

PLEKHANOV, George V. In defence of Materialism (International) 304 pp. $5.00
Originally titled The Development of the Monist View of History to avoid czarist censorship, this is a classic presentation of historical materialism based on European development since the French Revolution.

PLEKHANOV, George V.: The Materialist Conception of History (International) 48 pp. $.35’
A polemic against economic determinism.

PLEKHANOV, George V.: The Role of the Individual in Society. (International) 62 pp. $.35

PREOBRAZHENSKY, E. (See Labor history, Russian Revolution)

REICH, Wilhelm: (See Psychoanalysis)

RUHLE, Otto: Karl Marx: His Life and Work. (See Biography)

SCHACTMAN, Max: The Bureaucratic Revolution: The Rise of the Stalinist State (See Labor History, Russian” Revolution)

SERGE, Victor: The Case of Comrade Tulayev (See Labor History, Russian Revolution)

SERGE, Victor: From Lenin to Stalin (See Labor History, Russian Revolution)

SERGE, Victor: Kronstadt, 1921 (See Labor History, Russian Revolution)

SERGE, Victor: Memoirs of a Revolutionary (See Biography)

Socialism or Barbarism (Solidarity) 22 pp. $.15
A basic statement of libertarian socialism, based on a text agreed upon by representatives of various groups: Pouvoir Ouvrier in France; Unita Proletaria in Italy; Socialism Reaffirmed (Solidarity) in England; and Pouvoir Ouvrier Belge in Belgium.

SLAUGHTER, Cliff; PEARCE, Brian; KEMP, Tom: What is Revolutionary Leadership? (Spartacist) $.25
Probably the best introduction available to the orthodox Trotskyist view.

TROTSKY, Leon: Culture and Socialism $.50
Also includes the Manifesto for An Independent Revolutionary Art by André Breton and Leon Trotsky.

TROTSKY, Leon: History of the Russian Revolution (See Labor History, Russian History)

TROTSKY, Leon: The Lessons of Spain: The Last Warning (See Labor History, Spanish Revolution)

TROTSKY, Leon: Literature and Revolution (Ann Arbor) 256 pp. paper $1.85
Probably the best study of the relationship between writing and revolutionary politics.

TROTSKY, Leon: Marxism in the United States (Pioneer) $.35

TROTSKY, Leon: My Life (See Biography)

TROTSKY, Leon: The Revolution Betrayed (See Labor History, Russian Revolution)

TROTSKY, Leon: Terrorism and Communism: A Reply to Karl Kautsky (Ann Arbor) paper $1.95

TROTSKY, Leon: Their Morals and Ours (Pioneer) $.25
The best presentation of revolutionary morality.

TROTSKY, Leon: Trade Unions in the Epoch of Imperialist Decay (Pioneer) $.15

TROTSKY, Leon: Stalin (See Biography)

TROTSKY, Leon: What is the Permanent Revolution? (Spartacist) $.25
A pamphlet explaining one of the most important of Trotsky’s theories

UNTERMANN, Ernest: Marxian Economics (Charles H. Kerr) 252 pp. cloth $2.00
A popular introduction to the three volumes of Marx’s Capital. Untermann, who translated the three volumes of Capital into English, was a prominent figure in the early days of the Socialist Party.

WOHLFORTH, Tim: The Theory of Structural Assimilation (Bulletin) 96 pp. $.75
A contemporary Trotskyist analysis of the Social overturns in eastern Europe, Yugoslavia and China.

Peace and Nonviolence

AMERICAN FRIENDS SERVICE COMMITTEE: Speak Truth to Power 70 pp. $.25
Discusses the pacifist alternative to war.

BELL, T.H: Edward Carpenter: The English Tolstoi (Libertarian Group) $.25.

BERNERI, Louise: Neither East Nor West (Freedom Press) $1.00
Written between 1940 and 1948, these articles deal with the practical motives which inspired the Allies in World War II, the price of “liberation,” and the post war power struggle.

BONDURANT, Joan: Conquest of Violence (Princeton) $5.00
Examples of Gandhi’s campaigns with a discussion of the Gandhian philosophy of conflict and a critique of Gandhi’s influence in India.

BOURNE, Randolph: War and the Intellectuals (Harper Torchbooks) $1.95
Bourne was an anarchist who refused to follow his fellow intellectuals into World War I. Includes “The State” in which Bourne coined the phrase “War is the health of the State.”

BROCK, Hugh: Century of Total War (Peace News) $.20
Civil disobedience from World War I to Committee of 100.

CANTINE, Holley: Prison Ettiquette (Retort Press) $2.50
A collection of essays by World War II COs. Includes personal accounts of prison life, thoughts on the “usefulness” of prisons, and techniques of prison resistance. Indespensible for the incarcerated.

CARTER, April: Direct Action (Peace News) $.25
Information on practice and history of non-violent direct action.

A manual on the draft law and procedures relating to COs, prison life, how to fill in a CO form etc.

A guide with personal case histories.

DIRECT ACTION: The Bomb, Direct Action and the State (Syndicalist Werkers Federation) $.10.
This pamphlet is a constructive criticism of the British Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament.

GOUGH, Kathleen: When the Saints Go Marching In (Facing Reality) $.25
An account of the Aldermaston and anti-Polaris Marches and the demonstration at Holy Loch.

HERSHBERGER, G.F.: War, Peace & Non-Resistance (Herald) $3.50

HUGHES, Emrys: Winston Churchill in War & Peace (Peace News)
An examination of the life of a famous warrior.

JAMES, William: The Moral Equivalent of War (Peace News) $.20
The old psychologist’s answer to war.

JAMESON, A.K.: Unarmed Against Fascism (Peace News)
How the Norwegians resisted the German occupation during WWII.

KING-HALL: Defense in the Nuclear Age (Fellowship) $2.75

MAURIN, Peter: The Green Revolution (Academy Guild) $2.50
“Easy essays on Catholic radicalism” by the founder of the Catholic Worker movement.

MEYER, Karl: The Non-Violent Revolution and the American Peace Movement (author) 3 cents.
Essays by a Chicago Catholic Worker.

NAEVE, Lowell: Phantasies of a Prisoner (Swallow) $5.00
Great drawings by a conscientious objector who spent four years in various prisons. A visual novel” of prison life.

NAEVE, Virginia: Changeover: The Drive for Peace (Swallow) $5.00
An anthology of writings about the peace movement and peace.

OPPENHEIMER, Martin and LAKEY, George: A Manual for Direct Action.
A manual for the civil rights movement, covering all the practical and theoretical details of non-violent direct action.

PEACEMAKERS: Handbook on Nonpayment of War Taxes (Peacemakers) $.35
Covers the options for nonpayment, methods, and many case histories of the tax refusers.

R S G; Resistance Shall Grow $.25
The Spies for Peace story compiled by various organizations.

ROBERTS, Adam and others: Civilian Defense (Peace News) $.10
A discussion by pacifists on the possibilities of non-violent defense.

SHARP, Gene: The Meaning of Non Violence (Peace News) $.10
A brief account of non violent theory.

SHARP, Gene: Tyranny Could Not Quell Them (Peace News) $.25
The story of the Norwegian teachers war of non-violent resistance against the Nazis.

SHARP, Gene: Creative Conflict in Politics (Peace News) $.20
A summary of how political conflicts are met and how nonviolence can meet them with brief examples of where it has been used in Norway, India, Russia, USA.

SHARP, Gene: Civil Disobedience in a democracy (Peace News) $.05

The story of the British Committee of 100 and its attack on the BOMB and the STATE.

SIBLEY, Mulford: The Quiet Battle
The best anthology of writings on the theory and history of non-violence.

STUDENT PEACE UNION: S.P.U. High School Handbook (SPU) $.10

THOREAU; Civil Disobedience (Peace News) $.20
With an introduction by Gene Sharp.

TOLSTOY: Letter to a Hindu (Peace News) $.20’
Tolstoy’s letter to oppose the Hindu Das’s policy of violent resistance.

WALTER, Nicolas: Non Violent Resistance (Peace News) $.30
On disobedience, anti-militarism, pacifism, conscientious objection and the lessons these forms of protest have for contemporary non-violent resistance.

WEINBERG, Arthur and Ilya: Instead of Violence (Grossman) $7.50
“Writings by the great advocates of peace and nonviolence.”


BENSON, J.H.: Arrighi’s Opernia. (Yale) $4.50
Arrighi was the greatest Italian calligrapher. In this book his manual is reproduced along with a translation of his work in Benson’s version of the original. A good book to begin the study of Chancery Italic.

BENSON: J.H. and CAREY, A.G.: The Elements of Lettering (McGraw) $7.75
A good discussion of the theoretical elements of letters and a practical guide to developing several letter styles. Includes excellent model alphabets.

BIGGS, J.R.: The Craft of Lettering (Pitman) $2.95
A good book for learning the cursive hand.

GOURDIE, Tom: Italic Handwriting (Viking) $2.75
One of the best of the new beginners manuals for developing a cursive hand with many examples from calligraphers.

JOHNSTON, Edward: Writing and Illuminating and Lettering (Pitman) $6.00
Johnston was the originator of the current revival of good calligraphy. This book covers all the basic letter styles, methods of illuminating, and contains a section on stone cut letters by the English anarchist Eric Gill. Necessary for anyone who wants to study calligraphy.

KOCK, Rudolf: The Book of Signs (Dover) $1.00.
An excellent collection of religious, alchemical, etc. signs done in calligraphic style.

OGG, Oscar: Three Classics of Italian Calligraphy (Dover) $2.25
Includes examples of the greatest of the Italian calligraphers. The current revival in italic hands is based on these models—Chancery Italics.


ASTROV, Margot: American Indian Prose and Poetry: An Anthology. See poetry.

BARBEAU, Marius: Totem Poles 2 Vols. (National Museum of Canada) $10
The foremost source of information on the Northwest Coast Indians whose culture is of increasing importance to Revolutionary Anthropologists.

CALAS, Nicolas & MEAD, Margaret: Primitive Heritage: An Anthropological Anthology. (Random House) $5.00
A group of informative, if not exciting essays on non-western culture, chosen by Mead in her muddled fashion and introduced by the Greek Surrealist Calas.

CLARK, Ella E.: Indian Legends of the Pacific Northwest (Univ. of Calif.) $1.95
Comparative study of Indian legends with a minimum of commentary and a maximum of delight.

FRAZER, Sir James George: The Golden Bough: A Study in Magic and Religion. One-volume abridged edition. (Macmillan, 1960) 824 pp.
One of the earliest anthropological inquiries into myth, magic and religion, still relevant and in fact in many ways superior to the often misleading and superficial studies by Malinowski, Boas, Lowie and other anti-evolutionists.

GLUCKMAN, Max ed.: Closed Systems and Open Minds (Aldine) $7.50

GLUCKMAN, Max: Politics, Law and Ritual in Tribal Society (Aldine) $7.50
Gluckman is the most important Marxist anthropologist.

MEAD, Margaret ed.: Cultural Patterns and Technical Change. (Mentor, 1955) $.75
A study of the impact of modern technical advances on traditional life in primitive societies. Paper.

MEAD, Margaret: New Lives for Old: Cultural Transformations—Manuss, 1928–1953 (Mentor, 1956) 460 pp. Illus. paper. $.75
Description of a primitive society’s attempt to duplicate a “streamlined twentieth century way of life.”

MOONEY, James: The Ghost Dance Religion: The Sioux Outbreak of 1890 (Phoenix) $2.95
A classic account of the American Indian millenial religion that swept the plains until suppressed by the white men. Mooney saw the Ghost Dance Movement as a response to oppression and noted the similarity between this and other movements of cultural renewal.

MORGAN, L.H.: Ancient Society (Kerr) $3.50
The classic work of evolutionist anthropology.

MORGAN, L.H.: Montezuma’s Dinner (N.Y. Labor News) $.50
A critique of Prescott’s Conquest of Mexico which also includes a letter by Morgan to The Nation defending the Indians from U.S. Army attacks. Appreciations by Frederick Engels; introduction by Arnold Peterson.

MORGAN, L.H.: Indian Journals (Ann Arbor) $17.50
First publication of Morgan’s journals of his travels among Indian tribes of the West, 1860–70. Many color illustrations. Introduction by Leslie White.

SAPIR, Edward: Culture, Language and Personality: Selected Essays. Edited by David G. Mandelbaum. (University of California Press, 1961) 207 pp. paper $.50
Important short works by the anthropologist who did the pioneering work in linguistics.

WEYER, Edward, Jr.: Primitive Peoples Today (Dolphin) 275 pp. paper $.95
Descriptions of fourteen cultures (including the Eskimos, the Navajos, Jivaros, Lapps, Hairy Ainus, etc.) which have, in varying degrees, escaped or ignored civilization.

WHITE, Leslie A.: The Evolution of Culture (McGraw) $3.95

WHITE, Leslie A.: Science Of Culture (Grove) $2.95
1. A systematic analysis of culture and its determining role in society historically and structurally.
2. A series of articles of wide-ranging subjects from different journals, written from a cultural-evolutionary point of view.

WORSLY, Peter: The Trumpet Shall Sound: The Cargo Cults in Melanesia (Humanities) $5.00
A study of the South Sea Island millenial religious cargo cults and how they are a response to European oppression.

ANARCHY #8 contains: MADDOCK, Kenneth: Action Anthropology: Applied Anarchism?
An account of how a “pure research” study of the Fox Indians evolved into an attempt to help them.


ANARCHY 40: The Unions and Workers Control $.30
Contains among other articles: “Workers’ Control and the Collective Contract,” “Fernand Pelloutier and the Dilemma of Revolutionary Syndicalism,” and “Anarchism and Trade Unionism.”

BRENAN, Gerald: the Spanish Labyrinth (See Labor History)

BROWN, Tom: The British General Strike 1926 (Direct Action) $.10
The British general strike seen as a workers struggle which was betrayed by their “leaders.”

BROWN, Tom: Nationalisation and the New Boss Class $.10
“State ownership has given no benefit to the workers, neither to those employed by the State, nor to those still working for the private form of capitalism.” —Tom Brown

BROWN, Tom: The Social General Strike (Direct Action) $.05
A brief analysis of the relevancy of the General Strike.

BROWN, Tom: Trade unionism or Syndicalism? (Direct Action) $.25
The general argument for syndicalism. The appendix contains the Aims and Objects of the International Working Men’s Association.

BROWN, Tom: What’s Wrong With the Unions? A Syndicalist Answer. (Direct Action) $.10
Outlining the bankruptcy of the trade unions, with examples from contemporary British Labor disputes, Brown then states his reasons for advocating syndicalism. This pamphlet also contains much excellent strike strategy.

EDWARDS, Bob and ROA, Augustin: The Spanish Conspirators—After France, Who? (See Labor History)

ROCKER, Rudolf: Anarcho-Syndicalism in Anarchism (Freedom Press)
The classic history and outline of syndicalism.

SANSOM, Philip: Anarcho-Syndicalism: The Workers’ Next Step (Freedom Press)
Pamphlet to be reprinted Fall 1965.

WEINER, Sam: Ethics and American Unionism (See Labor History)


Pre-surrealist Works

APOLLINAIRE, Guillaume (1880–1918): Alcools, hard-cover, $6.00
English translation of the first book of poems by one of the greatest immediate precursors of the surrealist movement, who in fact invented the word “surrealism.” Translation & notes by Anne H. Greet.

APOLLINAIRE, Guillaume: The Cubist Painters—Aesthetic Meditations. (Wittenborn) 65 pp. paper $2.50
Translated by Lionel Abel. Essays on Picasso, Braque, Duchamp, etc.

APOLLINAIRE, Guillaume: Selected Poems. Translated-by Oliver Bernard. paper $.95

APOLLINAIRE, Guillaume: Selected Writings. (New Directions) 272 pp. hard cover $3.50
Mostly poems, but some prose. Includes the important manifesto “The New Spirit & The Poets.” Translation & Introduction by Roger Shattuck.

BAUDELAIRE, Charles (1821–1867): The Flowers of Evil. (New Directions) $6.50
Edited by Marthiel & Jackson Matthews. Bilingual (French & English).

BIERCE, Ambrose (1842–1913?): Collected Writings (Citadel) 809 pp. paper $2.75

BLAKE, William (1757–1827): Complete Works (Random House) hard cover. $12.50

BLAKE, William: The Portable Blake. (Viking Press) 713 pp. illustrations, paper. $1.65
Edited and with an Introduction by Alfred Kazin.

BRONTE, Emily (1818–1848): Wuthering Heights. (Signet) 320 pp. paper $.50

CARROLL, Lewis (1832–1898): Complete Works (Modern Library) 1293 pp. $2.95
By no means “complete,” but does contain the most important works: the Alice books, Sylvie and Brune, The Hunting of the Snark, etc.

CARROLL, Lewis: The Annotated Alice. (Forum) 352 pp. Illus. by John Tenniel. paper $2.25
Introduction & illuminating annotations by Martin Gardner.

COLERIDGE, Samuel Taylor (1772–1834): The Portable Coleridge, (Viking Press) $1.65
630-paged collection of poems, literary criticism, political essays, etc.

COLLINS, George R.: Antonio Gaudi, (Braziller) 136 pp. Illustrated, paper $1.95
Beautifully illustrated introduction to the greatest architect of the twentieth century, Antonio Gaudi (1852–1926).


HUISMANS, Joris-Karl (1848–1907): Against Nature. (Penguin) paper $.95

HUISMANS, Joris: La Bas (Down There). (University Books,) hard cover $5.00
English translation of a study in satanism. “Surrealist in pessimism)” (André Breton), Huysmans was the greatest writer of the “Decadence.”

JARRY, Alfred (1873–1907): Selected Writings. (Grove) 280 pp. hard cover $7.95
Includes the complete Exploits and Opinions of Doctor Faustroll, Pataphysician, stories, writings on the theater, poems, plays, etc. Edited by Roger Shattuck & Simon Watson Taylor.

JARRY, Alfred: The Supermale. In New Directions 18. paper $2.25
Comical eroticism for the machine age. Translated by Ralph Gladstone and Barbara Wright.

JARRY, Alfred: Ubu Roi, drama in 5 acts, (New Directions) $1.65
A masterpiece of hilarious defiance, begun as a schoolboy prank and embellished into a minor myth. Includes the “Song of the Disembraining,” also two essays on the theater. Introduction & translation by Barbara Wright. paperback.

KAFKA, Franz (1883–1924)1 Selected Short Stories (Modern Library) 328 pp. $1.65
Translated by Willa and Edwin Muir. Introduction by Philip Rahv. Contains fifteen of Kafka’s best stories.

LAUTREAMONT, Comte de (1846–1870): Maldoror (New Directions) 303 pp. cloth $6.00
The greatest single influence on surrealism. “I believe that the finest title to glory of the surrealist group is that they have recognized and proclaimed the ultra-literary importance of the admirable Lautreamont.” (André Gide). English translation by Guy Wernham.

LAUTREAMONT, Comte de: Oeuvres Completes. (Jose Corti) 425 pp. FRENCH TEXT, paper $3.50
Contains Les Chants de Maldoror; Poesies, Lettres; Bibliographie. Prefaces of L. Genonceaux, R. de-Groumont, Ed. Jaleux, A. Breton, Ph. Soupault, J. Gracq, R. Cailleis, M. Blanchot. “It is to Lautreamont and Rimbaud that we owe the rediscovery of the image as the primary element in poetry. In times of materialistic discoveries they discovered the real value of poetry.” (Nicolas Calas).

LAUTREAMONT, Comte de: Poesies. Georges Goldfayn, Gerard Legrand, eds. (Paris, Le Terrain Vague) FRENCH TEXT. 225 pp. paper $4.00
The text appears on the odd pages and the commentary by two surrealist critics on the even pages. The Poesies are a very important document in the development of surrealist poetic theory & practice.

LEWIS, Mathew Gregory (1756–1818): The Monk. (Grove) paper $2.45
One of the greatest Gothic novels.

MATURIN, Charles Robert (1780–1824): Melmoth the Wanderer. (University of Nebraska.Press) 413 pp. paper $2.40
Another of the great Gothic novels.

MELVILLE, Herman (1819–1891): Moby Dick. (Dolphin) paper $1.45
The greatest work of one of the greatest American pre-Surrealists.

MELVILLE, Herman: The Portable Melville. (Viking) Introduction by Jay Leyda, paper, $1.85
Includes Typee, Billy Budd, stories & poems.

MELVILLE, Herman: Selected Tales & Poems. (Holt, Rinehart & Winston) paper $.95 Richard Chase, editor.

MOTHERWELL, Robert: The Dada Painters and Poets. (Wittenborn) 432 pp. cloth $15.00
Anthology of Dada texts, paintings, broadsides; photographs, manifestoes, essays, etc. Texts by Tristan Tzara, André Breton, Georges Hugnet, Hans Richter, Kurt Schwitters, Francis Picabia, Max Ernst, Jean Arp, Arthur Craven, Paul Eluard, Hugo Ball, Gabrielle Duffet-Picabia, Richard Hulsenbeck, & others.

de NERVAL, Gerard (1808–1855): Selected Writings (Grove) 257 pp. paper $1.95
Includes the complete Aurelia (de Nerval’s most important work), Sylvie, Emilie, poetry. Translation & academic anti-surrealist introduction by Geoffrey Wagner

POE, Edgar Allen (1809–1849): Complete Tales & Poems. (Modern Library) cloth $2.95
A 1026 paged collection of works by one of the greatest American presurrealists. “Surrealist in adventure” (André Breton).

RADCLIFFE, Ann (1764–1823): The Romance of the Forest. In Three Eighteenth-Century Romances, edited by Harrison R. Steeves. (Scribnerst) $1.50
Also includes The Castle of Otranto by Walpole & Vathek by Beckford.

RIMBAUD, Arthur (1854–1891): Illuminations and Other Prose Poems (New Directions) 217 pp., $1.25
Rimbaud’s greatest work. Translated by Louise Varese. Bilingual (French & English) text. Introduction by Louise Varese.

RIMBAUD, Arthur: A Season in Hell. (New Directions), 202 pp. Trans. Louise Varese. paper $1.35.
Includes “A Rimbaud Chronology” and Bibliography.

ROUSSEL, Raymond (1877–1933) Impressions d’Afrique. (Pauvert) FRENCH TEXT $4.00

de SADE, Marquis D.A.F.: (1740–1814): The Crimes of Love. (Bantam) 184 pp. paper $.95
English translation of Eugenie de Franvall, Miss Henrietta Stralson and Florville and Courval. “A Note on the Marquis de Sade by Aldous Huxley. Trans. Lowell Bair.

de SADE, Marquis D.A.F.: Justine. (Lancer) 191 pp. paper $.95
“De Sade is the one completely consistent and thorough-going revolutionary of history.” (Aldous Huxley).

de SADE, Marquis D.A.F.: Selected Writings. (British Book Centre) 306 pp. cloth. $5.00
Translated by Leonard de Saint-Yves. “The Marquis de Sade, the freest spirit that has ever existed.” (Apollinaire).

SWIFT, Jonathan (1667–1745) The Portable Swift. (Viking) $1.85
Includes Gulliver’s Travels, stories, poetry

TZARA, Tristan (b. 1896): Selections, FRENCH TEXT. (Poetes d’Aujourd’hui, Seghers) $2.50
Includes some Dadaist writings, some from his days as a surrealist (L’Homme Approximatif), but mostly his Stalinist sentimental garbage.

TZARA, Tristan: Sept Manifestes Dada suivis de Lampisteries. FRENCH TEXT (Pauvert)
English translation forthcoming in Motherwell’s Dada Painters & Poets (see listing above).

WALPOLE, Horace (1717–1797): The Castle of Otranto (Collier) 128 pp. paper $.65
The first, and one of the greatest, Gothic Novels.

SEE ALSO UNDER OTHER LISTINGS: The Works of Freud; Marx; Engels; Luxemburg; Maletesta (under ANARCHISM). See also the BIOGRAPHY section for works about various pre-surrealists.

Surrealist Works and Critical Studies

“Human emancipation remains the only cause worth serving.”
—André Breton

ARAGON, Louis: Les Collages. (Hermann) 149 pp. FRENCH TEXT paper $2.50
Includes an early essay on Max Ernst and the important work La Peinture au defi (1930); the rest are later works of Stalinist Realism.

ARP, Jean: On My Wey: Poetry and Essays—1912–1947, (Wittenborn) paper 147 pp. $4.00
Collection of poems, essays and reproductions.

ARTAUD, Antonin: Selected Writings (City Lights), paper, $2.50
Poems & other texts, the amazing Voyage to the Land of the Tarahumaras, concerning the use of peyote by Mexican Indians. The first Artaud anthology to be published in the U.S. Edited by Jack Hirschman.

ARTAUD, Antonin: The Theater and Its Double, (Grove) 159 pp. paper $1.95
Manifestoes, essays & letters illuminating Artaud’s revolutionary conception of the theater. Includes a “Note” by Artaud on the Marx brothers (“Monkey Business... a hymn to anarchy and wholehearted revolt”) and a relatively useless eulogy by a French critic. Translated by Mary Caroline Richards. Artaud, as Breton put it, “was the one who went through the mirror.” Imprisoned in lunatic asylums most of his life, he has survived through his works to become perhaps the greatest single influence on the contemporary theater.

BALAKIAN Anna: Surrealism: The Road to the Absolute. (Noonday) paper $1.45
Very confused & misleading, for the most part.

BEDOUIN, Jean-Louis: La Poesie Surrealiste. (Seghers) FRENCH TEXT cloth 365 pp. $4.50
anthology of works by fifty-five surrealist poets, with a critical introduction by the compiler, a young surrealist living in Paris.

BEDOUIN, Jean-Louis: Vingt Ans du Surrealismet 1939–1959. (Denoel) 326 pp. paper $5.00
A history of surrealist activity in the 1940s and 1950s, by a participant. Includes illustrations and documents. FRENCH TEXT.

BENAYOUN, Robert: Le Dessin Anime apres Walt Disney. (SEE CINEMA)

BRETON, André: Arcane 17. (Pauvert) 223 pp. FRENCH TEXT. paper $3.50
An exploration of the myth of resurrection, in which it is repeated, after Bacon and Condillac, that human understanding must, of necessity, be remade. “André Breton is the Harvey of poetry,” (Nicolas Calas).

BRETON, André: La Cle des Champs, (Pauvert) 286 pp. FRENCH TEXT paper $3.50
An important collection of essays & manifestoes.

BRETON, André: Manifestes du Surrealisme. (Pauvert) 365 pp. FRENCH TEXT paper $10.00
Unfortunately not available yet in English, these are the principal theoretical expositions of the surrealist movement. Includes the First Manifesto of 1924, the Second Manifesto (1929), the Prolegomena to a Third Manifesto (1940), Poisson Soluble, ninety-three pages extracted from the Position Politique du Surrealisme, Lettre aux Voyantes, Du Surrealisme enYses Oeuvres Vives (1953).

BRETON, André: Manifestes du Surrealisme. (Livre de Poche) FRENCH TEXT paper $1.50
A smaller collection containing the First & Second Manifestoes, the Prolegromena, prefaces, etc.

BRETON, André: Nadja (Grove) 160 pp. Trans, Richard Howard paper $1.95
One of the most important surrealist works, explaining the surrealist attitude toward everyday life. This is the first English translation; the book was originally published in Paris in 1928. “Since you exist, as you alone know how to exist, it was perhaps not so necessary that this book should exist. I have decided to write it nevertheless, in memory of the conclusion I wanted to give it before knowing you and which your explosion into my life has not rendered vain. This conclusion has its true meaning and all its strength only through your intercession.” (p. 158).

BRETON, André: The Situation of Surrealism Between the Two Wars, See YALE FRENCH STUDIES (Fall-Winter 1948 reprint)

BRETON, André: Youn Cherry Trees Secured Against Hares. (View, 1946) 56 pp. cloth $5.00
The only collection of Breton’s poems in English translation. Illustrated with two drawings by Arshile Gorky. Translated by Edouard Roditi.

BRETON, André and TROTSKY, Leon: Manifesto For an Independent Revolutionary Art. $.50
Manifesto of surrealist resistance to the Communist attempts to dominate art & literature in the 1930s. Originally published in the U.S. in Partisan Review, under the names of Breton and Diego Rivera, during the height of the CP anti-Trotsky campaign. It remains the clearest statement yet written of the necessity for complete independence in the arts. Also contains Trotsky’s “Culture and Socialism.”

BUNUEL, Luis: See Luis Bunuel: An Introduction by Ado KYROU, under CINEMA.

CALAS, Nicolas: Confound the Wise. (Arrow, 1942) 283 pp. cloth $7.00
A collection of essays on various subjects: poetry, myths, Baroque morphology, Portuguese history, Portuguese painting & architecture, Portugal today, portraits, painting, automatism, etc. Calas has long been one of the principal spokesmen for the surrealist movement in the U.S.

CALAS, Nicolas: The Light of Words. (Surrealist Editions) FORTHCOMING approx. $.50
The first chapter of Confound the Wise, an important study of poetry from a revolutionary point of view.‘lsin “In a storm of love and ‘light, freed of every obstacle, words will inspire an exalted life and direct implacable actions.”

CATHELIN, Jean: Jean Arp. (Grove) 61 pp. 40 black & white, 7 color ill. $1.95
Translated from the French by Enid York, Also contains “Bio-bibliography.”

CRASTRE, Victor: Le Drama du Surrealisme. (Editions du Temps) 125 pp. paper $3.00
A study of surrealist politics, by a participant in the surrealist movement during the 1930s. FRENCH TEXT.

DALI, Salvador: The Secret Life of Salvador Deli. (Dial) cloth $15.00
The autobiography of an academic painter, Fascist sympathizer, and religious bigot, expelled from the surrealist movement in 1938. Written some time after this expulsion, this book is somewhat apalogous to the confessions of ex-radicals after their reactionary “salvation.”

DAUMAL, Rene: Mount Analogue. (Pantheon) cloth $3.00
Adventures in non-Euclidean mountain-climbing, by the famous Sanskrit scholar, translator of the works of D.T. Suzuki, poet & drug experimenter, precursor of the psychedelic movement of today.

DUCHAMP, Marcel: the Bride Stripped Bare by her Bachelors Even. 130 pp. $6.00 (Wittenborn) clothbound.
A typographic version of the Green Box, 37 illus.

DUPLESSIS, Yves: Surrealism, (Walker & Company) 158 pp. cloth $3.50
A tolerable introduction, useful mostly for its lengthy quotations from surrealist works. Translated by Paul Capon. Short bibliography.

ELUARD, Paul: Selected Writings. (New Directions) 254 pp. cloth $3.50
Includes some poetry from his surrealist period, but unfortunately concentrates on the versified party-line sentimentality after his Stalinist reaction. Translated by Lloyd Alexander; bilingual (French & English).

ERNST, Max: Beyond Painting. (Wittenborn) 204 pp. paper $4.00
Some of the most important theoretical works of surrealism, particularly as it relates to painting. Contains the essay Beyond Painting, the earlier Inspiration to Order, and Some Data on the Youth of M.E. Also contains numerous illustrations of works by Ernst, as well as the complete album, Histoire Nuturelle with Jean Arp’s Preface, and essays by André Breton, Nicolas Calas, Julien Levy, Paul Eluard, Matta, Tristan Tzara, and Georges Ribemont-Dessaignes. Bibliography by Bernard Karpel.

ERNST, Max: La Femme 100 Tetes. (Gerhardt Verlag) pages unnumbered/Boxed $20.00
The famous collage-novel. German titles; preface by Breton (in German),

ERNST, Max: Une Semaine de Bonte, (Gerhardt verlag) Boxed $25.00
Another collage-novel; German & French titles.

A catalog for the Surrealist Exhibition in New York in 1942. Foreword by Sidney Janis. “Explorers of the Pluriverse” by Robert Allerton Parker. “On the Survival of Certain myths and on Some Other Myths in Growth Or Formation,” an album by André Breton. Reproductions (black & white) of works by Leonora Carrington, Victor Brauner, Morris Hirschfield, Joan Miro, Kurt Seligmann, Kay Sage, Wifredo Lam, Oelze, André Masson, Yves Tanguy, etc.

FOWLIE, Wallace: Age of Surrealism. (Indiana University Press) 215 pp. paper $1.50
A useless work of criticism, sympathetic (!) but showing no understanding whatever of the revolutionary principles of the surrealist movement.

GRACQ, Julien: The Castle of Argol, (New Directions) 146 pp. cloth. $1.50
A surrealist tale written in the manner of the Gothic novels.

HELWIG, Werner: De Chirico: Metaphysical Paintings. (Tudor) 12 pp. plus 15 plates, paper $.35
Color reproductions of some of De Chirico’s best paintings.

HENRY, Maurice: Anthologie: 1930–1960. (Pauvert) paper $6.00
A large collection of cartoons by the well-known surrealist cartoonist.

JANOVER, Louis: Le Part Irreducible. (Front Noir) FORTHCOMING/FRENCH TEXT
A collection of essays from the review Front Noir.

JOSEPHSON, Matthew: Life Among the Surrealists. cloth $4.00
The boring reminiscences of a Stalinoid tourist visiting Paris in the days of Dadaism. Useless except as a paperweight.

KYROU, Ado: Luis Bunuel: An Introduction. See CINEMA.

KYROU, Ado: Le Surrealisme au Cinema. See CINEMA.

LELY, Gilbert: The Marquis de Sade. See BIOGRAPHY.

LORCA, Federico Garcia: Poet In New York. (Grove) 238 p. paper $1.95
Poems of violence and anguish inspired by a trip to New York by the greatest poet of twentieth century Spain. Translated by Ben Belitt.

LORCA, Federico Garcia: Selected Poems. (New Directions) paper $1.35

MANSOUR, Joyce: Les Giants Satisfaits. (Pauvert) FRENCH TEXT $5.00
Poetry by one of the best post-World WarII surrealist poets.

MATTHEWS, J.H.: An Introduction to Surrealism. (Penn State U.) 192 pp. cloth $5.00
Probably the best readily-available general introduction to surrealist thought written by an outsider. Contains a short bibliography.

PAZ, Octavio: The Labyrinth of Solitude. (Grove) paper $1.95
Studies of life and thought in Mexico. Discusses the Pachuca, the Mexican Revolution, the Mexican intelligentsia, the-significance of the fiesta, ending with a beautiful & important essay: “The Dialectic of Solitude.”

PAZ, Octavio: Selected Poetry. (Grove) cloth $7.50

PAZ, Octavio: Sun Stone. (New Directions) 48 pp. Trans. Muriel Rukeyser, paper $1.00
A long poem by one of the best contempbrary Mexican poets.

PELLIGRINI, Aldo: Antologia de la Poesia Surrealista. 353 pp. hardcover $10.00
(Compania General Fabril Editora, Buenos Aires) SPANISH TEXT. An anthology of works by 47 surrealist poets and 19 others of a surrealist tendency. Introduction by the editor. Illustrated with photographs.

PENROSE, Roland: Pablo Picasso. See BIOGRAPHY.

PERET, Benjamin: Magic: The Flesh & Blood of Poetry. In View (No. 2, Series 3) $1.50
Abridged version of a preface to a collection of folk tales of the Latin Americas; published as a pamphlet, La Parole est a Peret, by Editions Surrealidtes in 1943. The cover of this issue of View (1943) is by Man Ray.

PERET, Benjamin: Peret’s Score: Twenty Poems. (Lettres Modernes) Bilingual, paper $1.75
Subversive lyrics by the great surrealist poet & story-teller. Illustrated by E.F. Granell. English translations by J.H. Matthews.

PERET, Benjamin: Selected Poems & Texts. (Surrealist Editions) FORTHCOMING approx. $.50

PICASSO, Pablo: Desire Caught by the Tail: A Play. paper $1.95
Illustrated by the author. Translated by Bernard Frechtman.

PREVERT, Jacques: Selections from Paroles. (City Lights) paper $1.00
A collection of poems mostly written during the Occupation. Introduction by Lawrence Ferlinghetti.

RAYMOND, Marcel: From Baudelaire to Surrealism. (Wittenborn) 428 pp. paper $2.50
A fairly good scholarly study, but misses the point of surrealism by considering it too much as a poetic movement rather than “a means for the total liberation of the mind and of all which resembles it,” to quote an early surrealist declaration. Extensive bibliography by Bernard Karpel.

READ, Herbert: The Philosophy of Modern Art. (Meridian) 320 pp. paper $1.55
Mildly interesting essays in art criticism. Contains the essay “Surrealism and the Romantic Principle,” written shortly after the International Surrealist Exhibition in London, 1936, which Read helped organize.

REVERDY, Pierre: Selections: Poetes d’Aujourd ‘hui, FRENCH TEXT (Seghers) paper $2.50
Poems & other texts by one of the greatest poets in the French language. “Poetry is neither in life nor in things—it is what you do with them and what you add to them.”

ROSEMONT, Franklin: Surrealist Intervention in the American Dream. In Way Out $.50
(1965) special issue on Youth Revolt, edited by Bruce Elwell. Notes on a revolution in consciousness. Prospects & problems of surrealist subversion in the United States today.

ROSENBERG, Harold: Arshile Gorky: The Man, the Time, the Idea. (Grove) paper 144 pp., 45 ill., 4 in color. $2.95
The theoretician of “action painting” writes on the great surrealist painter, offering little insight, however, into the marvelous domain of Gorky’s prehensile & anguished art. Includes a translation of “Farewell to Arshile Gorky” by André Bretbn. Bibliography.

RUBIN, William: Matta. (Museum of Modern Art) 36 pp. Bibliography. paper $.75
Profusely illustrated with reproductions of Matta’s works, 2 in color.

SOBY, James Thrall: Yves Tanguy. (Museum of Modern Art) 72 pp. paper $1.75
Numerous reproductions, 6 in color. Bibliography.

SEITZ, William C.: Arshile Gorky. (Museum of Modern Art) 56 pp. paper $2.50
Catalog for a Gorky exhibition. Many reproductions of paintings, drawings, studies. Foreword by Julien Levy. Chronology. Selected References by Bernard Karpel. Two works reproduced in color.

SURREALIST INTRUSION IN THE ENCHANTERS’ DOMAIN. (D’Arcy Galleries) 124 pp. paper $6.00
Catalog for the 1960–61 International Surrealist Exhibition in New York, directed by André Breton and Marcel Duchamp. Texts by Edouard Jaguer, Vincent Bounoure & Jose Pierre. Reproductions of works of over 50 painters. Many shorter texts &extracts by Benjamin Peret, Gerard Legrand, Robert Benayoun, André Breton, etc. Translated by Julien Levy & Claude Tarnaud. An introduction to the current development of surrealism.

TOPOR: Anthologie (Pauvert) 54 pp. paper $2.00
A collection of cartoons.

TROTSKY, Leon: Literature & Revolution. See MISCELLANEOUS.

TROTSKY, Leon and BRETON, André: Manifesto For An Independent Revolutionary Art. See listing under BRETON.

VIEW: Surrealism in Belgium. (Vol. 7, No. 2; December 1946) 50 pp. $2.00
A special issue of the surrealist-oriented View magazine, devoted to works of members of the Surrealist Group in Belgium. Cover by Rene Magritte. Texts by Marcel Marien, Louis Scutenaire, Paul Nouge, Rene Magritte, Paul Colinet, Paul Magritte, Achille Chavee, Jacques Mergifosse. Reproductions by Rene Magritte, Marcel Marien, Raoul Ubac, and others,

VIEW: Surrealist Number::(Vol. I, Nos. 7–8) Edited by Nicolas Calas. (1941) $3.00
Interview with André Breton; “Message from Cairo to Poets in America” from the Egyptian surrealist Georges Henein; other texts by Anure Masson, Kurt Seligmann, Nicolas Calas, Max Ernst, etc. Letters from Wolfgang Paalen, Pierre Mabille, Suzanne Cesaire, Victor Brauner, Antonin Artaud, etc. Reproductions by Leonora Carrington, David Hare, Brauner, Morris Hirschfield, etc.

WALDBERG, Patrick: Surrealism. (Skira) 151 pp. Illustrated. cloth $6.50
A brief critical history, quite biased & superficial. Excellent reproductions.

YALE FRENCH STUDIES: Modern Poets. Fall-Winter 1948 (REPRINT). paper $4.50
Contains Breton’s Situation of Surrealism Between the Two Wars, “The Rose & the Revolver” by Nicolas Calas, “The Significance of Surrealism” by H. Peyre, etc.

YALE FRENCH STUDIES: Surrealism. May 1964. 186 pp. Illustrated. Bibliography. paper $1.00
A collection of essays by & for academicians; the only good article is J.H. Matthews’ “Some Post-war Surrealist Poets.”

Surrealism Supplement

APOLLINAIRE, Guillaume: The Heresiarch and Co. Trans. Remy Hall: cloth $3.95
Twenty-three disquieting & haunting tales by the great precursor of Dadaism and Surrealism.

BLAKE, William: The Complete Writings of William Blake. cloth $7.50
Edited by Geoffrey Keynes. Nonesuch Press text, reprinted with corrections & additions. All the poems, letters, notes & other texts by the greatest poet in the English language.

DOLLARS, Avida: Diary of a Cretin (Doubleday) 230 pp. Illus. cloth. $5.95
Autobiographical & critical reflections of a highly successful academic painter, often thought to be surrealist. The non-surrealist and even reactionary character of his work is apparent in this book.

DUCHAMP, Marcel: Ready-Mades, Etc. (1913–1964). Illus. cloth $20.00
Covers his epoch-making one-man show at the Galleria Schwarz in Milan in 1964. Three essays on his art. 47 illustrations, ten in full color.

LIEBERMAN, William S.; editor: Max Ernst. (Museum of Modern Art) paper $2.50
85 illustrations, 1 in color.

LAUTREAMONT Comte de: Maldoror. Trans. by Guy Wernham. paper $2.10
The great presurrealist work available in paperback. Also includes the important “Preface to a Future Work” (the “Poesies”). Excruciatingly relevant and marvelous works for anyone interested in the latent content of surrealist subversion leading to the total liberation of man.

MATTHEWS, J.H., editor: An Anthology of French Surrealist Poetry. cloth $4.75
Selections from the works of 28 poets. FRENCH TEXT of poems. Introduction in English. Bibliography of surrealist works & critical studies in French & English.

NADEAU, Maurice: The History of Surrealism. (Macmillan) 351 pp. cloth $6.95
The development of surrealism in historical perspective. Contains several excellent chapters on the surrealist political experiments. Also includes a particularly valuable selection of surrealist documents. The best introduction to early surrealist history (1924–1940) available in English. Academic and (naturally) anti-surrealist introduction by Roger Shattuck. Translation by Richard Howard. Bibliography is incomplete, listing only selected titles up to 1957 (the year of the book’s republication in France) and none thereafter and few in English. Highly recommended to everyone interested in the revolutionary principles and activities of the surrealist movement.

PICABIA, Francis: Catalog of Exhibition at Newcastle University. $2.50
Many full-page black and white illustrations of works by the great Spanish Dadaist and presurrealist.

de SADE, D.A.F.: The Complete Justine, Philosophy in the Bedroom and Other Writings. (Grove) Compiled and translated by Richard Seaver & Austryn Wainhouse. Introductions by Jean Paulhan & Maurice Blanchot. 775 pp. cloth $15.00

STEEGMULLER, Francis: Apollinaire: Poet Among the Painters. paper $2.95
Illustrated biography of the presurrealist poet & critic.

Note: The Artaud Anthology listed on an earlier page is $3 not $2.50.

Labor History

U.S. Labor

ADAMIC, Louis: Dynamite: The History of Class Violence in America (Smith, Peter, 1959) illus. $6.00
Largely anecdotal.

APTHEKER, Herbert: Negro Slave Revolts in the U.S. 1826–1860 (International) 72 pp. $.35
A chronology of widespread, unceasing revolt by the Communist Party’s official historian of the American Negro.

BARBASH, Jack: Labor’s Grass Roots (Harper 1961) $4.95

BARBASH, Jack: Practice of Unionism (Harper, 1956) $6.00
Two bourgeois studies

BERNSTEIN, Irving: The Lean Years: A History of the American Workers 1920–1933 (Houghton, 1960) $7.00
A history of the man in the overalls, not “movements” or their leaders.

BIMBA, Anthony: The Molly Maguires (International) illus. $2.50
The fierce and bloody struggle of the Pennsylvania miner’s struggle in the 1870s.

BRISSENDEN, Paul: I.W.W.: A Study of American Syndicalism (see I.W.W.)

CANNON, James: First Ten Years of American Communism (Pioneer) $10.00
Cannon was an IWW member who joined the CP and later was one of the founders of the Socialist Workers Party (SWP), the principal U.S. Trotskyist organization.

CANNON, James: History of Trotskyism in the United States (Pioneer) $2.00
A participant’s account

COMMONS, John R. ed.: Documentary History of American Industrial Society (Russell) 2nd ed., 10 volumes, $125.00
The definitive study of American Labor History. These volumes contain all the details previously published in the four volume edition; now out of print.

DAVID, Henry: The Haymarket Affair (Collier, 1964) $1.95
The standard work on this watershed event in American labor history

DRAPER, Theodore: Roots of American Communism (Viking, 1963) $1.95
An essential history

FONER, Philip S.: History of the Labor Movement in the United States (International) 4 vols. each $7.50
Vol. 1: “From Colonial Times to the Founding of the A.F. of L.”; Vol. 2: “From the Founding of the A.F. of L. to the Emergence of American Imperialism”; Vol. 3: “Politics and Practice of the A.F. of L., 1900–1909.”; Vol. 4: “Industrial Workers of the World” ($8.50)
Inferior to the Commons volumes, but with an excellent bibliography.

GALENSON, Walter: CIO Challenge to the A.F. of L. (Harvard, 1960) Illus. $9.75
A quite adequate history of the period from 1935 to the beginning of WWII.

GOLDBERG, Joseph P.: Maritime Story; A Study in Labor-Management Relations (Harvard, 1958) $6.50
Better than its title would indicate, for it does give an excellent account of an American degenerate workers’ organization.

GOULDNER, Alvin W.: Wildcat Strike. (Antioch) $3.00; (Torchbooks) $1.35
An intense sociological study of one wildcat strike as a manifestation of group dynamics

KOGAN, Bernard R., ed.: Chicago Haymarket Riot: Anarchy on Trial (Heath, 1959) 114 pp. $1.65
This little book contains excellent source material unobtainable elsewhere.

KORNBLUH, Joyce: Rebel Voices (See I.W.W.)

LABOR RESEARCH ASSOCIATES: The Palmer Raids (International) 128 pp. $.25
A concise history

LINDSEY, Almont: Pullman Strike (U. of Chicago Press) $2.95
An accurate portrayal of the times.

LIPSET, Seymour M. and others: Union Democracy (Anchor) $1.95
A detailed study of the bureaucracy and internal politics of the I.T.U.; the title of the book is a sad joke by the last page.

MONTGOMERY, Robert H.: Sacco-Vanzetti: The Murder and the Myth (Devin) $5.00

NEWELL, Barbara W.: Chicago and the Labor Movement (U. of Illinois Press, 1961) $6.00
Despite many flaws, it gives one an indication why Chicago was considered the reddest city in the U.S.

O’CONNER, Harvey: Revolution in Seattle (Monthly Review, 1964) $5.00
The best history of the days of the “Seattle Soviet” with background chapters on the IWW timberbeasts

FELLING, Henry: American Labor (U. of Chicago Press) illus. $1.75
Bourgeois, bland—but fact-full.

PREIS, Art: Labor’s Giant Step: The CIO (Pioneer) cloth
Perhaps the best history yet of the CIO; written by a Trotskyist (SWP) participant and thus somewhat sectarian.

RAYBACK, Joseph G.: History of American Labor (Madmillan, 1959) $6.95
A bourgeois introductory history from colonial days to Dave Beck; contains a five page bibliography.

ROBERTS, Harold: Roberts’ Labor Dictionary (Bureau of National Affairs, 1964) $11.00
For the enthusiastic necrophile

ROCHESTER, Anna: The Populist Movement in the U.S. (International) 128 pp. $1.50
A moving account of the history of this last of the large movements in this century.

WARE, Norman: Labor Movement in the United States 1860–1865 (Smith, Peter) $5.50; (Vintage) $2.45
The best work on the Knights of Labor

WARE, Norman: Industrial Worker: 1840–1860 (Smith, Peter, 1958) $4.50
An excellent history

WARNE, Colston E., ed.: Pullman Boycott of 1894: The Problem of Federal Intervention (Heath) $1.50
A Source book which contains several of Debs’ speeches, workers’ demands etc.

NOTE: International Publishers, Pioneer Publishers, and N.Y. Labor News have many more books in their catalogs of which we have selected only the most relevant; but their catalogs will be sent free upon request.

Spanish Revolution

ANARCHY 5: The Spanish Revolution of 1936 (Freedom Press) $.25
Contains a devastating review of Hugh Thomas’ biased history; “The Spanish Civil War by Vernon Richards and Marie Louise Berneri’s review of “The Spanish Labyrinth” by G. Brenan. Out-of-print but available.

BORKENAU, Franz: The Spanish Cockpit (Ann Arbor) $2.25
An eyewitness account of the Civil War which contains many profound sociological insights without being pretentious.

BRENAN, Gerald: The Spanish Labyrinth (Cambridge University Press) $1.95
The best study of the historical background of the Revolution by one of the best authorities on Spain.

DASHAR, M.: Revolutionary Movement in Spain (Libertarian Publishing Society, 1934) 24 pp. $.75
This rare little pamphlet describes the anarcho-syndicalist uprising of December 1933 and the protest movement against the Lerroux government in October 1934. A few left.

EDWARDS, Bob, M.P. and Augustin Roa: The Spanish Conspirators—After Franco, Who? (Housemans) 68 pp. $1.00
The best lengthy contemporary account of Spain and Franco’s opprobrious attempts to legitimize his regime.

MARX, Karl: Revolution in Spain (International) $2.50
Marx’s book was cited by Brenan as one of the most important works on Spanish history.

MORROW, Felix: Revolution and Counter Revolution in Spain (Socialist Labor League)
An interesting Trotskyist analysis of the events of the Revolution, concentrating on the P.O.U.M.

ORWELL, George: Homage to Catalonia (Beacon) $1.75
A participant’s account of the struggle; an excellent description of the reactionary role of the C.P. during the revolution.

ROCKER, Rudolf: The Tragedy of Spain (Freie Arbeiter Stimme, 1937) 48 pp. $.60
A great little history—though rare this pamphlet is available.

PAYNE, Robert: The Civil War in Spain (Fawcett) $.75
An anthology emphasizing the Military aspects of the Civil War.

RICHARDS, Vernon: Lessons of the Spanish Revolution (Freedom Press) $2.00
An anarchist criticism of the CNT-FAI. Excellent. Rare also.

SOUCHY, Augustin: Spain: July 19, 1936-July 19, 1937 (Libertarian Publishers) $.50

SOUCHY, Augustin: The Tragic Week in May (Libertarian Publishers) $.50
Both rare. Both important, though esoteric, histories.

THOMAS, Hugh: The Spanish Civil War (Harper) $2.95
The study favored by the bourgeois academics. Very misleading, inaccurate, prejudiced and superficial, all in the name of objectivity.

TROTSKY, Leon: The Lessons of Spain: The Last Warning (Pioneer) $.25

Russian Revolution & After

BERNERI, Marie-Louise: Workers in Stalin’s Russia (Freedom Press) 88 pp. $.35
A superb, passionate analysis of the Russian State, emphasising the situation of the workers; written during the height of the world-wide apology.

BROWN, Tom: Lenin and Workers’ Control (Syndicalist Workers Federation) $.10
Outlines the history and significance of workers’ control of industry in the early days of the revolution.

CLIFF, Tony: Russia: A Marxist Analysis (Forthcoming)
An analysis of “State capitalism” by one of the editors of “International Socialism.”

KOLLONTAI, Alexandra: The Workers’ Opposition (Solidarity) 70 pp. $.40
A Theoretical polemic written in 1921 against the growing bureaucratization and authoritarianism of Lenin, Trotsky and Bucharin by a left-wing Bolshevik. Published in the early 1920s by the I.W.W. this annotated edition has been made available by the Solidarity Group in London.

LEONHARD, Wolfgang: The Kremlin Since Stalin (Praeger) 403 pp. $7.75
A better than average bourgeois study that ends with the early ‘60s.

LUXEMBURG, Rosa: The Russian Revolution and Leninism or Marxism? (Ann Arbor) 109 pp. $1.65
A revolutionary Marxist critique of Lenin’s theory and practice. Neo-Bolsheviks and “vanguard” politicians take note.

LUXEMBURG, Rosa: The Mass Strike, the Political Party and the Trade Unions (Lanka Sama Samaja, Ceylon) $.80
An essential pamphlet which presents Luxemburg’s thought on revolutionary action and organization.

NOVE, Alec: The Soviet Economy (Praeger, 1961) Cloth $6.75 paper $2.25
A well-written technical description not outdated by the recent “liberalization”; contains a bibliography.

PANNEKOEK, ANTOINE: Lenin as Philosopher (New Essays) 80 pp., $1.00
This “critical examination of the philosophical basis of Leninism” was written by a co-thinker of Rosa Luxemburg. Pannekoek finds in Lenin’s “Materialism and Empiriocriticism” the philosophical support of Russian “state capitalism” and “Party-Communism,” to which he counterposes “Council-communism” and “self-liberation” of the working-class.

SCHACHTMAN, Max: The Bureaucratic Revolution: The Rise of the Stalinist State (Donald Press) 360 pp. $2.95
Schachtman’s views of Communism as being a new form of class society (“bureaucratic collectivism”) is developed in a series of brilliant articles collected from “The New International” of the 1940s and 1950s. Primarily an ideological work, yet still relevant.

SERGE, Victor: Kronstadt 1921 (Solidarity) 12 pp. $.10
This brief article outlines the thinking of many Bolsheviks, including Serge at the time, who “sided with the party” in the suppression of what was admittedly the expression of the “body and soul” of the October Revolution.

SERGE, Victor: The Case of Comrade Tulayev (Anchor) $1.45
Though the introduction should be disregarded this novel about the Moscow Trials is superb.

SERGE, Victor: From Lenin to Stalin (Pioneer) 122 pp. illus. $1.50
A good description of what happened to all dissidents, left and right, under Stalin by an important member of the Trotskyist opposition at that time.

TROTSKY, Leon: History of the Russian Revolution (University of Michigan Press, 1957) $12.50
Essential for a thorough view of the event. Translated by Max Eastman

VOLINE: Nineteen-Seventeen, The Russian Revolution Betrayed (Freedom Press) $2.50 cloth
Voline, on the editorial board of the anarcho-syndicalist daily “Golos Truda” of Petrograd (October, 1917) defends the libertarian ideals of the October revolution against their destruction by the new Bolshevik State. “According to the libertarian thesis, it is the laboring masses themselves, who, by means of various class organizations, factory committees, industrial and agricultural unions, co-operatives, et cetera, federated and centralized on a basis of real needs, should apply themselves everywhere to solving the problems of waging the Revolution.”

VOLINE: The Unknown Revolution: Kronstadt 1921, Ukraine 1918–21 (Freedom Press) cloth $2.50
Deals with what the author describes as the “struggles for the real Social Revolution;” that is, the uprising of the sailors and workers of Kronstadt in 1921, and the peasant movement in the Ukraine (1918–1921) led by Nestor Makhno. These movements provide important material for a clearer understanding both of the original objectives of the Russian Revolution as well as of the problems with which all revolutions with far-reaching social objectives have to contend.


BERDYAEV, Nicolas: The Origin of Russian Communism (Ann Arbor) 191 pp. $1.65
An attempt to trace the origins of Russian Totalitarianism from the country’s religious background. An interesting study of national character, with several significant flaws though.

MARCUSE, Herbert: Soviet Marxism: A Critical Analysis (Vintage) 272 pp. $1.25
Anything by Marcuse is worth reading, but this volume is not the best that he has written.

PREOBRAZHENSKY, E.: New Economics (Forthcoming)
The first Marxist analysis of the Soviet Union, by an early member of the Left Opposition.

TROTSKY, Leon: The Revolution Betrayed (Pioneer) $2.50

The Hungarian Revolution

ANDERSON, Andy: Hungary ’56 (Solidarity, 1964) 48 pp. $.75
One of the best accounts of the Hungarian Revolution was written by the British C.P. journalist Peter Fryer, who, while in Budapest, filed news articles with the Daily Worker in London only to discover later that they never appeared because of their truthfulness. Fryer left the C.P. immediately afterward and wrote a book on the Revolution that he had privately printed. Long out of print now, much of what Fryer wrote at that time is incorporated into Anderson’s work, to which is added an historical perspective and many more facts unknown to Fryer. Strongly recommended.

FEJTO, Francois: Behind the Rape of Hungary (McKay, 1957) $5.50
Good background and highly readable account of the Revolution.

JOHNSON, J.R., Grace Lee, and Chaulieu, Pierre: Facing Reality (see Socialism)

MERAY, Tibor: Thirteen Days that Shook the Kremlin (Praeger, 1959)
A detailed portrait of Nagy during the break with Moscow and his inability to cope with the situation. Also contains several facts on the Revolution itself not touched on in other studies.

NO AUTHOR: The Hungarian Revolution and the Chinese CP (Pioneer) Mimeo $.50

Note: There are many bourgeois works on the Hungarian Revolution, worth their weight in lead and about as brilliant, so we have not included them here.

World Labor History


BORKENAU, Frans: World Communism (Ann Arbor) 442 pp. $2.45
A good objective and readable survey of the history of the Communist International up to the Spanish Revolution.

BROCKWAY, Fenner A.: African Socialism (Dufour) $3.50
Written by a member of the Left wing of the British Labour Party; though hopelessly optimistic about the rise of socialism in Africa, it does contain two good detailed articles, one on the UAR and, the other on Ghana, and it serves as an adequate introduction to the Continent and its political groupings.

ENGELS, Friedrich: British Labour Movement (International Publishers) $.30
The hopes and misgivings on the advanced working class.

ENGELS, Friedrich: The Peasant War in Germany (International Publishers) 191 pp. $2.50 (see Socialism)

CODFREY, E. Drexel, Jr.: Fate of the French Non-Communist Left (Random, 1955) $.55
The rise of the Communist Left.

HOROWITZ, Daniel L.: The Italian Labor Movement (Harvard, 1963) $7.50
An exhaustive bourgeois historical study.

HUTT, Allen: British Trade Unionism (International Publishers, 1953) 200 pp. $2.25
A rather hack C.P. introduction.

LORWIN, Val R.: French Labor Movement (Harvard, 1954) $6.00
Another exhaustive bourgeois study. One chapter on syndicalism and a bibliography.

MORTON, A.L. and TATE, George: British Labor Movement 1770–1920 (International Publishers, 1957) $3.00
Fact-filled, but its deductions are sometimes hard to swallow.

PELLING, Henry: A History of British Trade Unionism (St. Martin’s Press, 1963) 287 pp. illus. $8.50
History to the early ‘60s, extensive bibliography; though it skips several important periods it still is an above average survey.

PELLING, Henry: A Short History of the Labour Party (St. Martin’s Press, 1961) 135 pp. Illus. paper $2.50
A solid introductory work.

RODRIGUEZ, Carlos R.: Jose Marti and Cuban Liberation (International Publishers), 24 pp. $.15

THOMPSON, Edward: Making of the English Working Class (Pantheon, 1964) $15.00
The Roots of the British Working-Class are unearthed quite well: history from the disintegration of Feudalism to Owen.

WARD, John T.: Factory Movement 1830–1855 (St. Martin’s Press, 1963) $12.00
The British Factory Movement, of the attempt to build socialism solely for the proletariat.

WILLIAMS, David: The Rebecca Riots—A Study in Agrarian Discontent (University of Wales Press) $5.00
An academic study of one of the most prominent episodes in the early Welsh labor movement.

WILLIAMS, Raymond: The Long Revolution (Columbia University Press, 1961) $5.00
The Long Revolution is the conglomeration of the democratic, cultural, and industrial “revolutions” which have shaped society. Among other cultural phenomena discussed is the institutions that have influenced the form of English culture.

WEIG, Ferdinand: Workers In An Affluent Society (Free Press, 1962) $4.95
A bourgeois British study. Delves into the changes in family life and the supposed changes in the working life. Amusing, and instructive if one reads between the lines.


MACFARQUAHAR, Roderick: Hundred Flowers Campaign and the Chinese Intellectuals (Praeger) $6.75
An important history of a most cruel harvest; a minimum of commentary and a maximum of writings by revolutionary critics of the Chinese Stalinist regime.

NORTH, Robert: Moscow and Chinese Communists (Stanford) $7.50
A pedestrian account.

NORTH, Robert and Xenia J. Eudin: M.N. Roy’s Mission to China: The Communist-Kuomingtang Split of 1927 (University of California Press) translated by Helen Dowers $7.50
Academic but worthwhile.

SCHWARTZ, Benjamin: Chinese Communism and the Rise of Mao (Harvard) $5.00
Academic study.

WU, Yuan-Li: Economic Survey of Communist China (Twayne) $12.50
An exhaustive work and the only one available.

The Labor Movement Today

CARDAN, Paul: Modern Capitalism and Revolution (see Socialism)

DENBY, Charles: Workers Battle Automation (News and Letters) $.25
The struggles in the auto industry against indiscriminate introduction of “labor saving” machinery in the ‘50s.

DUNAYEVSKAYA, Raya: Marxism and Freedom (see Socialism)

GLABERMAN, Martin: Union Committeemen and Wildcat Strikes (see Socialism)

HASS, Eric and Stephen Emery: Automation (N.Y. Labor News) $.25
Automation adequately refuted as a blessing to workers under capitalism, but the solution to making it one, under socialism, is too simple.

KRAMER, JACK: Punching Out (Facing Reality) 32 pp. $.20
A great rank-and-file pamphlet which describes the sell-out of labor-fakers, while relating the real struggles of the workers.

LEE, Grace C. and others: Facing Reality (see Socialism)

MILLS, C. Wright: White Collar (Galaxy) $1.75
The new proletariat examined.

SABOTAGE ANTHOLOGY (Rebel Worker Pamphlet No.3) Forthcoming, Winter ’65
Among the contributors, Pouget (author of the classic work written 60 years ago) Walker C. Smith, Joe Hill, Chaplin, and many, many others. Notes on contemporary sabotage and the significance of sabotage among workers today.

SOLIDARITY GROUP: Busmen, What Next? (Solidarity Pamphlet No. 6) 34 pp. mimeo $.15
Written by London busmen and others about the plight of London busmen and the ways they can take action to control their jobs.

SOLIDARITY GROUP: Glasgow: Busmen In Action (Solidarity Pamphlet No. 17.)
A stirring account of the unofficial bus strike in Glasgow, April 1964 and the machinations of the union leaders. A great testament of what workers acting together can achieve, in spite of their “leaders”—and where they can fail.

WEINER, Sam: Ethics and American Unionism (see Anarchism, addenda)

WELLER, Ken: The Truth About Vauxhall (Solidarity Pamphlet) Mimeo $.15
The working-class struggle against a most reactionary employer.

Negro Freedom Struggle

APTHEKER, Herbert: Essays in the History of the American Negro (International Publishers) cloth $3.50 paper $1.65

APTHEKER, Herbert: Labor Movement in the South during Slavery (International) 24 pp. $.25
A brief little survey of the struggle.

APTHEKER, Herbert: Negro in the Civil War (International) $.50
A history written by the Communist Party’s leading theoretician.

APTHEKER, Herbert: Negro Slave Revolts in the U.S. 1826–1880 (see Labor History)

APTHEKER, Herbert: Documentary History of the Negro Revolt (Citadel) 2 vols. paper $2.25 each
Edited by Aptheker. Vol. 1: From Colonial Times to the Civil War. Vol. 2: From the Reconstruction to the Founding of the NAACP. One of the few available texts on the subject.

BELFRAGE, Sally: Freedom Summer (Viking) $5.00
A well-written account of a Summer in Mississippi.

BOGGS, James: American Revolution (see Socialism)

COX, Oliver Cromell: Caste, Class and Race (see Socialism)

DOUGLASS, Frederick: Selections from His Writings (International) 95 pp. $.75
This volume was edited by Philip Foner. A good introduction to this Freedom Fighter’s thought, as it developed in the middle 1800s.

DRAKE, St. Clair and Horace R. Cayton: Black Metropolis (Harper) 2 vols. $2.45 each
Preface by Richard Wright. One of the first and best sociological works of the urban society; stands out because of its anthropological orientation in many parts.

DU BOIS, W.E.B.: Black Reconstruction in America 1860–1880 (Smith, Peter) cloth $6.50 (Meridian) $3.45 paper
The standard work on this period of history.

DU BOIS, W.E.B.: Souls of Black Folk (Fawcett) $.60

FACING REALITY: Negro Americans Take the Lead (Facing Reality Pamphlet) 44 pp. $.50
Depicts the Freedom Struggle as growing out of the American Experience; a movement which because of this fact will attract the white working-class to build a new society. A thought provoking and penetrating analysis.

FANNON, Franz: The Wretched of the Earth (Grove Press) $5.00
Preface by Sartre. A Negro psychoanalyst’s study of the problems of racism and colonialism in the world today. Received much notoriety because of its advocacy of violence as a carefully calculated tactic.

HENTOFF, Nat: New Equality (Viking) $4.50
The contemporary struggle; well-written, though not always well understood.

JAMES, C.L.R. The Black Jacobins (Vintage) 426 pp. $1.95
The story of the first successful Negro slave revolt, the revolution in San Domingo.

LOMAX, Louis: The Negro Revolt (Signet, 1963) 288 pp. $.75
Adequately good descriptions of all the groups.

PEASE, William H. and Jane Pease: Black Utopia: Negro Communal Experiments In America (University of Wisconsin Press, 1963) 205 pp. $4.00
A fascinating study of a myopic, though well-intentioned, pre-bellum movement.

PECK, Jim: Freedom Ride (Simon and Schuster) $3.50 (Black Cat) $.50
By a “rider” and the best account published.

WAKEFIELD, Dan: Revolt in the South (Grove) $.95
The story from the mid-‘50s to 1960.

WARD, Matthew: Indignant Heart (New Book) 184 pp. $.50
A Negro worker’s story of his struggles on the auto assembly lines of Detroit.

ZINN, Howard: SNCC: The New Abolitionists (Beacon Press) 246 pp. $1.75
Journalistic in the best sense, an important book.

Youth And Students

ANARCHY 15: The Work of David Wills (Freedom) $.25
David Wills is a student of Homer Lane and A.S. Neill and has operated several schools for disturbed Children in England.

ANARCHY 27: Youth (Freedom) $.25
Articles written by Paul Goodman, Charles Radcliffe, Nicolas Walter and others, including anarchist Students.

ANARCHY 39: The Legacy of Homer Lane (Freedom) $.30
Homer Lane was a pioneer in the non-punitive treatment of delinquency and of freedom in education. Contributors include David Wills, A.S. Neill. Also in this issue is “Chessman’s Bequest to His Executioners” by Richard Drinnon.

ANARCHY 43: Parents and Teachers (Freedom) $.30
An analysis of progressive education.

ANARCHY 53: After School (Freedom) $.30
Several articles on advanced schooling in Britain. Contains a review of Class and Class Conflict in Industrial Society by Walter Coy, GRU branch secretary and activist in the Resurgence Youth Movement.

DRAPER, Hal: Berkeley: The New Student Revolt (Black Cat) $.95
The events are self-told. Savio’s introduction is crap. Draper’s analysis is bullshit. Several good articles from the FSM Newsletter.

DUNAYEVSKAYA, Raya: The Free Speech Movement and the Negro Revolution (News and Letters) 53 pp. illus. $.50
Articles by Savio, an eyewitness account of the Sproul Hall sit-in and articles on the South make this pamphlet worth reading.

GOODMAN, Paul: Growing up Absurd (Vintage) $1.45
A minor classic on contemporary youth. The J.D., the young cynical organization man and the beats diagnosed as similar products of a wasteful society.

GOODMAN, Pete: Our Own Story by The Rolling Stones (Bantam) 188 pp., illus. $.60
A glimpse into the rebellious world of the Stones.

LIPSET, Seymour and Sheldon S. Wolin, eds.: The Berkeley Student Revolt (Anchor) 585 pp. $1.95
An anemic academic dissection; only one article worth reading, Henry May’s “Impressions”

Mods, Rockers and the Revolution (Rebel Worker Pamphlet #1) $.15
The Beatles, the Stones, and the culture of the young and where it may be going.

MILLER, Michael V. and Susan Gilmore, eds.: Revolution at Berkeley (Dell) $.95
Another large collection of trivia. Paul Goodman’s essay on Berkeley during the Spring semester is the only one with any significance.

Students in Revolt (Solidarity) mimeo $.15
The best account of the events during the Fall Semester at Berkeley, written largely by participants.

Students in Revolt (Strike!) mimeo $.10
The student uprising over Ohio State’s restrictions of free speech.

TAYLOR, Norman: Narcotics: Nature’s Dangerous Gifts (Dell) $1.65
A botanist’s cheerful survey of dope. Written for Readers’ Digest types, but it does contain a bibliography nine pages long and an index.

WATTS, Alan: The Joyous Cosmology (Vintage, 1962) illus. $1.45
Foreword by Leary and Alport. This book is well worth having for the photographs contained therein.

WEIL, G.M. and others, eds: The Psychedelic Reader (University Books, 1965)
A collection of articles from the first four issues of the Psychedelic Review, the principal English language journal of the psychedelic movement.


ARNOT, R.P.: The Man and The Myth (Monthly Review) 131 pp. $3.25
A biography of William Morris, which contains many useful details of his life gleaned from newly discovered letters which are reprinted here with a completely worthless and false theme: that Morris would today be a Stalinist.

BARKER, Tom: Memoirs (Institute of Advanced Studies, Australian National University) mimeo $1.50
Barker was a leading Australian “Wobbly” organizer, Marine Transport.

BARRY, Iris: D.W. Griffith: American Film Maker (Museum of Modern Art,) 88 pp. Illustrated. paper $3.95
A photographic biography excellent.

BERLIN, Isaiah: Karl Marx: His Life and Environment (Oxford University Press) 286 pp. $1.50
The best bourgeois study ever written, Worth reading.

BRIGGS, Asa: William Morris.(See Socialism, under Morris, William)

CARR, E.H.: Michael Bakunin (Vintage) 511 pp. $1.45
Fact-filled but stresses the romanticism and is generally biased against old M.B.

CARR, E.H.: Romantic Exiles (Beacon, 1961) paper $2.25
The Exiles are mainly the Russians of the 19th Century.

CHAPLIN, Charles: My Autobiography (Simon and Schuster) $6.95

DAY, Dorothy: The Long Loneliness (Doubleday) $.85
From fellow-traveller to Catholic anarchist—the life of a Catholic radical,

DEUTSCHER, Issac: The Prophet Armed; The Prophet Unarmed; The Prophet Outcast (3 vols) (Vintage) $2.45 each

DOUGLASS, Frederic: Selections from His Writings (See Negro Freedom Struggle)

DRINNON, Richard: Rebel in Paradise (U. of Chicago Press) illus. $5.95
Drinnon’s biography of Emma Goldman has none of the indifference of petty academicians. He “likes her and trusts her.”

DUBOIS, W.E.B.: John Brown (International) paper $2.25
The best work written.

EPSTEIN, Brian: A Cellarful of Noise (See Youth & Students)

FLYNN, E.G.: I Speak My Own Piece (International)
Covers much of her activity in the IWW, though it continues into her reaction.

FONER, Philip S.: Jack London: American Rebel (Citadel) $1.95

FONER, Philip S.: The Case of Joe Hill (International) cloth $3.50 paper $1.45
An analysis of an important labor case.

FONER, Philip S.: The Letters of Joe Hill (Oak) $1.95
Just published; purports to be complete.

FOSTER, William Z.: Pages from a Worker’s Life (International) 250 pp. $4.00
“Zigzag” Foster’s own story.

FRAIGNEAU, André: Cocteau (Smith, Peter) $3.35
The French painter, poet, film director etc..

FRANKFURTER, Marion D, and Garder Jackson, eds.: Sacco-Vanzetti Letters (Dutton) $1.85
Excellent primary source.

GANDHI, Mohandas: Autobiography (Beacon) $2.75
The best introduction to pacifism.

GINGER, Ray: Eugene V. Debs (Collier) $1.50
The standard sympathetic work.

GOLDBERG, Harvey: American Radicals. (Monthly Review) $1.25
A fast-moving survey of all sorts of U.S. radicals.

GORER, Geoffrey: Life and Ideas of the Marquis de Sade (Norton) 250 pp. $1.35
A useful introduction to the life and thought of a neglected revolutionary.

HAWLEY, Lowell S. and Ralph Bushnell Potts: Counsel for the Damned: A Biography of George Francis Vanderveer (Lippincott)

HAYWOOD, “Big Bill” (William): Bill Haywood’s Book (International) $4.50
A fast moving account of Haywood’s turbulent and tragic life. Because it was written and never actually completed during Haywood’s exile in Russia, many consider it unreliable. Since Haywood was thought to have been rather disillusioned by the increasing Stalinist counter-revolution in Russia; this book, however, contains a rather sugary view of the “Workers’ Paradise” at that time.

HENNACY, Ammon: The Book of Ammon (Ammon Hennacy) cloth $3.00
The Catholic Worker who became an anarchist after “doing time” with Berkman.

HUFF, Theodore: Charles Chaplin (Pyramid) $.75
The definitive work.

HENTOFF, Nat: Peace Agitator (Macmillan) cloth $5.95
Somewhat romantic biography of A.J. Muste, octogenarian pacifist.

LAFARGUE, Paul: Karl Marx (N.Y. Labor News) $.25
Reminiscences of a Marxist by marriage.

LELY, Gilbert: Marquis de Sade (Grove) cloth $7.50
The definitive biography of de Sade.

LENNON, Florence Becker: The Life of Lewis Carroll (Collier) $.95
The best biography of Carroll, enhanced by psychoanalytic insight.

KROPOTKIN, Peter: Memoirs of A Revolutionist (Smith, Peter) cloth $3.50 (Anchor) paper $1.45 abridged
An incredible life.

KYROU, Ado: Luis Bunuel (See Cinema)

MARX, Harpo and ROWLAND, Barber: Harpo Speaks (Geis) illus. $5.95
Amusing and entertaining

MEHRING, Franz: Karl Marx (Ann Arbor) $2.95
The standard biography by a comrade of Luxemburg and Leibknecht.

NOLAN, William F.: John Huston, King Rebel (Sherbourne) 247 pp. $5.95
A romantic view of the popular director.

RICHARDS, Vernon: Malatesta: His Life and Ideas (See Anarchism)

ROCKER, Rudolph: The London Years (Robert Anscombe) $5.00
The famous Anarcho-Syndicalist.

RUHLE, Otto: Karl Marx (New American Library) cloth $2.50
A biography tracing the development of Marx’s thought; written by a libertarian Marxist who was incidentally considered by Trotsky to be the foremost Marx scholar of his time.

SERGE, Victor: Memoirs of a Revolutionary (Oxford) 426 pp. $10.00 illus.
Translated by Peter Sedgwich, an editor of “International Socialism” A member of the “Left Opposition” who began his political activity with the anarchists of France; this autobiography is a “record of what happened in Russia and the European Communist movement in the ‘20s and ‘30s, and of the way in which it happened.” Well foot-noted and with a bibliography.

SCHORER, Mark: William Blake: The Politics of Vision (Vintage) $1.45
A brilliant study of one of the greatest poets in the English language, illuminating the revolutionary nature of his life and thought, and situating it into the context of the revolutionary period (late 1700s, early 1800s)

SHERWIN, Oscar: Wendell Phillips: Prophet of Liberty (Twayne) $10.00
First serious study of the famous abolitionist.

STARKIE, Enid: Charles Baudelaire (New Directions) $10.00
The best biography of the poet who has influenced nearly every significant subsequent movement in French thought.

STARKIE, Enid: Arthur Rimbaud (New Directions) $10.00
An authoritative biography, completely rewritten from the 1947 edition, incorporating all new findings.

TODES, Charolette: William H. Sylvis and the National Labor Union (International) $.75
The story of the first national union and its animator.

TROTSKY, Leon: My Life (Universal Library) $2.45
The autobiography of an important member of the fourth international.

TROTSKY, Leon: Trotsky’s Diary in Exile: 1935 (Atheneum) $1.45
The prophet in Mexico.

WILLS, W. David: Homer Lane (Allen & Unwin) Illus. $5.95
A.S. Neill considers himself one of Lane’s disciples. Lane pioneered libertarian education in Great Britain and suffered severely for his efforts; his life is fascinating to read. Wills himself has followed Lane’s tradition.

WOLFE, Bertram D.: Three Who Made a Revolution (Dell) $2.95
Biographical study of Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin (!); inaccurate and superficial in many respects.

ZOLOTOW, Maurice: Marilyn Monroe (Bantam) $.75
Biography of a beautiful woman, a charming actress and a twentieth century legend of popular art. Out-of-print but available.


AGEE, James: Agee On Film: Reviews and Comments (Beacon) $2.45
A collection of essays and reviews written during the Forties. Agee’s appreciation of comedy is superb.

ALPERT, Hollis: Dreams and the Dreamers (Macmillan, 1962) $4.95
Competent journalist, not “lasting criticism or cultural history.”

ANDERSON, J.L. and RICHIE, Donald: The Japanese Film (Evergreen) 456 pp. $2.95
A valuable reference book which mentions every major film and delves into techniques and firmly acquaints the reader with the Japanese scene.

ANGER, Kenneth: Hollywood Babylon (Associated Professional Services) 271 pp. $.95
This lavishly illustrated, gossipy book is totally enjoyable, as it merrily hops from one scandal to another more absurdly lascivious one. The author is a well known cinematographer (FIREWORKS, INAUGURATION OF THE PLEASURE DOME)

ARNHEIM, Rudolf: Film as Art (University of California Press) $1.50
An aesthetic treatise. The author believes that the art of the film emerges from a skillful use of its limitations.

ARTAUD, Antonin: Theatre and Its Double (see Surrealism)

BARNOUW, Erik and DRISHMASWAMY, S.: Indian Film (Columbia) illus. $7.50
The only extensive work printed in the States about the second largest producer of feature films, Japan is first.

BENAYOUN, Robert: Le Dessin Anime apres Walt Disney (J.J. Pauvert) $10.00
“The Animated Cartoon after Walt Disney,” French text. Profusely illustrated.

CHAPLIN, Charles: My Autobiography (see Biography)

COCTEAU, Jean and FRAIGNEAU, André: On the Film (Dufour, 1954) $3.00
A series of provocative conversations with Fraigneau.

EISENSTEIN, Sergei: Film Form and Film Sense (Meridian) $2.95
Both in one volume. Film Form is a readable exposition of the author’s values. It also contains a study of Griffith.

EVERSON, W.K.: The American Movie (Atheneum, 1963) $4.95
An introduction for juveniles.

FENIN, G.N. and EVERSON, W.K.: The Western From Silent to Cinerama (Orion Press, 1962) $12.50
The definitive study of this genre, which has been neglected by American film historians. The research which was put into this book is exhaustive and accurate.

FRAIGNEAU, André: Cocteau (see Biography)

GRIFFITH, Richard and MAYER, Arthur: Movies (Simon and Schuster) $15.00

HOUSTON, Penelope: The Contemporary Cinema (Pelican, 1963) illus. $1.25
A good introduction to English and Continental cinema.

HUGHES, Robert) ed.: Film: Book Two: Films of War and Peace (Grove, 1962) $2.45
Among the contributors, Paul Goodman, Alain Resnais and John Huston. Contains scenarios of “Night and Fog” and Huston’s “Let There Be Light.”

JACOBS, Lewis, ed.: Introduction to the Art of the Movies (Noonday, 1960) illus. $1.95
A good, broad collection of essays, chronologically arranged; among the contributors Leger and Goodman.

KRACAUER, Siegfried: Theory of Film (Oxford U. Press, 1960) illus $10.00
Aesthetics based on early German cinema,

KNIGHT, Arthur: The Liveliest Art (Mentor) illus. $.60
A popular, well-written history of mainly American cinema.

KOENIGIL, Mark: Movies in Society. (Speller) $4.95
Examines the impact of the cinema upon our culture.

KYROU, Ado: Le Surrealism au Cinema (J.J. Pauvert) $10.00
French text.

LINDEBEN, Ernest: Art of the Film (Macmillan, 1962 rev, ed.) illus. $7.50
An excellent introduction, by the former Curator of Britain’s National Film Library.

LOVELL, Alan: Anarchist Cinema (Peace News) illus. 40 pp. $.35
A splendid review of the films of Bunuel, Vigo and Franju, all of whom were formed in the climate of surrealism.”

MAC CANN, R.D., ed.: Film and Society (Scribner) illus $2.25
Articles on many aspects of film and society, from censorship to changing audience tastes.

MANVELL, Roger and HALAS, John: Technique of Film Animation (Hastings, 1959) 314 pp. $10.00
A definitive work going into all aspects. Halas is a contemporary British animator.

MANVELL, Roger: Design in Motion (Hastings, 1962) 160 pp. illus. $12.50
Examples of film animation from all over the world. Several pages of color illustrations, a beautiful volume.

MARX, Harpo and BARBER, Rowland: Harpo Speaks (see Biography)

O’LEARY, Liam: Silent Cinema (Dutton) illus. $1.75

ROTHA, Paul and GRIFFITH, Richard: Film Till Now (Twayne) $15.00
The core is Rotha’s classic history (1930) brought up to date by Griffith, an informative volume well illustrated.

ROTHA, Paul and others: Documentary Film (Hastings, 1964, 3 rev. ed.) $10.00
A standard work since 1939, enlarged to contain material on American documentation during World War II.

SPOTTISWOODE, Raymond: A Grammar of the Film (Univ. of Calif., 1963) $1.50
An essential volume which outlines all the film techniques available for producing cinematic effects. 328 pp.

WARSHOW, Robert: The Immediate Experience (Anchor, 1962) $1.25
Articles on pop culture, three quarters on movies, from the late Forties to the early Fifties.


ARTAUD, Antonin: Selected Writings (see Surrealism)

BLUM, Richard and Associates: Utopiates: The Use and Users of LSD-25 (Atherton Press, 1964) 303 pp. $8.00
An extensive treatment of the history of LSD research along with personal explorations. Several chapters are devoted to the social and legal response evoked by LSD. Chapter XIII, A Police Administrator comments on the Drug Movement.

CROCKET, Richard and others, eds.: Hallucinogenic Drugs and Their Psycho-therapeutic Use (Thomas, 1963) illus. $7.50
Edited proceedings of Royal Medico Psychological Association, London; the most comprehensive study.

COHEN, Sidney: The Beyond Within; The LSD Story (Atheneum, 1964) 268 pp. $5.00
A highly readable account of LSD from its accidental discovery to its very real potential as a psychotherapeutic tool. Most of the book is devoted to an analysis of the effects of usage.

DAUMAL, Rene: Mout Analogue (see Surrealism)

DE ROPP, R.S.: Drugs and the Mind (Black Cat) $.95

DUSTIN, C.B.: Peyotism and New Mexico (Dustin, 1960) illus. $2.00

EBIN, David, ed.: The Drug Experience (Black Cat) 385 pp. $.95
An entertaining selection of essays by such “heads” as Baudelaire, Cocteau, Burroughs, Billie Holiday, Havelok Ellis, Ginsberg and Anonymous (circa 1856). Also contains a charming essay by a medical student on his “trip” written especially for this book.

HUXLEY, Aldous: Doors of Perception (Harper) $1.35
The author’s experience with mescalin. Also included is the essay “Heaven and Hell.”

LA BARRE, Weston: The Peyote Cult (Shoestring Press, 1964) illus. 260 pp. $7.50
For twenty-five years the outstanding work on peyote, this new edition is enlarged to encompass not only recent peyote studies, but also the effects on government-Indian relations and academic bureaucracy-research relations.

LEARY, Timothy and others: The Psychedelic Experience (University Books, 1964) $5.00
An instructive and essential manual based upon The Tibetan Book of the Dead.

MALLOR, J.W.: Halogens (Wiley) $37.50
Subtitled, “A Comprehensive Treatise on Inorganic and Theoretical Chemistry,” this item is a must for all serious students.

SLOTKIN, J.S.: Menomini Peyotism (American Philosophical Society, 1952) $2.00
One of the earliest studies.

SLOTKIN, J.S.: Peyote Religion (Free Press, 1956) $4.00
A thoroughly fascinating excursion into the unmapped region of Psychedelic Spiritualism.

SNEED, M.C., and others: Halogens (Van Nostrand) $7.50
Volume Three of Comprehensive Inorganic Chemistry, see MALLOR above.

SOLOMON, David, ed.: LSD: The Consciousness-Expanding Drug (Putnam, 1964) $5.95
An introduction and essay by Timothy Leary. The collection of wide-ranging essays in this volume is fantastic. Half the articles discuss the many therapeutic uses of LSD, the remainder are more philosophical or descriptive.


ASTROV, Margot: American Indian Prose and Poetry (See Anthropology)

FORT, Charles: The Books of Charles Fort (Hobart) 1151 pp. $7.50
The collected writings of the Socrates of the Bronx. Includes The Book of the Damned, New Lands, Lo!, Wild Talents.

GOODMAN, Paul: People or Personnel (Random House) $4.95
A study of the growth of bureaucracy in American society and ways it can be countered through decentralization.

GOODMAN, Paul and Percival Goodman: Communitas (Vintage) $1.45
A recognized pioneering discussion of planning of new forms of community co-authored by an architect and social critic.

JAMES, C.L.R.: Mariners, Renegades & Castaways (Facing Reality) $.95
A study of Melville via Marxist thought, more Melvillean than Marxist.

JOSEPHSON, Eric and Mary: Man Alone: Alienation in Modern Society (Dell) $.95
A varied collection of essays, several extremely good, like “The Mental Health of the Hutterites,” others by Fromm, Swados, Merton, Baldwin etc.

KUBIE, Lawrence S.M.D.: Neurotic Distortion of the Creative Process.
Kubie’s work lays the foundation for a fundamental criticism of our educational system as a tyranny against preconscious processes.

NEILL, A.S.: Summerhill: A Radical Approach to Child Rearing (Hart) $1.95
The child psychology of the libertarian head-master.

OLIVER, Paul: The Meaning of the Blues (Collier) $.95
One of the best works published, written by a legitimate soul-brother.

PANNEKOEK, Anton: The History of Astronomy (Wiley) illus $10.50
A marxist looks at the stars.

Poems from the Floating World (Hawks’ Well Press) $.25

Periodical anthology of Poems by Apollinaire, Arp, Vincente Huidobro, Rothenberg, Antin, etc.

SUALL, Irving: The American Ultras (S.P.) $.75
To send chills down the spines of armchair radicals.

TROTSKY, Leon: Literature and Revolution (See Socialism)

WAKOSKI, Diane: Coins and Coffins (Hawk’s Well Press) 35 pp. $1.00

WAKOSKI, DIANE: The George Washington Poems (Forthcoming)

WILLS, W. David: Homer Lane (See Biography)


BACHELARD, Gaston: The Psychoanalysis of Fire (Beacon) cloth $3.50
An important work by the French psychoanalyst and critic.

BROWN, Norman O.: Life Against Death (Vintage) 366 pp. $1.65
Psychoanalytic view of history. The first third contains a most illuminating exposition of Freudianism. Also discusses the revolutionary aspects of psychoanalysis and sharply criticises the “neo-Freudians.”

CALAS, Nicolas: Confound the Wise (See Surrealism)
Includes a surrealist critique of various aspects of psychoanalysis.

FANON, Frantz: The Wretched of the Earth (See Negro Freedom Struggle)

FREUD, Sigmund: Civilization and its discontents (Norton) 1.95
The aim of this, in Freud’s words, is “to represent the sense of guilt as the most important problem in the evolution of culture...”

FREUD, Sigmund: On Creativity and the Unconscious (Harper) $1.85
A collection of significant essays on the inter-relationship.

FREUD, Sigmund: Delusion and Dream and Other Essays (Beacon) 238 pp. $1.75
Edited and with an introduction by Phillip Rieff. Contains: “Delusion and Dream”; “The Relationship of the Poet to Daydreaming”; “The Occurrence in Dreams of Material from Fairy Tales”; “A Connection Between a Symbol and a Symptom”; also a translation of Gradiva: A Pompeiian Fancy,” the remarkable novel by Wilhelm Jensen on which “Delusion and Dream” is based.

FREUD, Sigmund: The Ego and the Id (Norton) $.95
Freud’s final, “structural” hypothesis, the contents and interrelationships of the Id, Ego, and Superego.

FREUD, Sigmund: The Future of an Illusion (Liveright) $3.00
The Basis of religion explored—exploded?

FREUD, Sigmund: History of the Psychoanalytic Movement (Collier) $.95

FREUD, Sigmund: The Interpretation of Dreams (Basic Books) $8.50
The basis of Freudian thought and a landmark of modern scientific history. Revolutionary by implication.

FREUD, Sigmund: Moses and Monotheism (Vintage) 190 pp. $1.25
Translated by Katherine Jones. Speculation on several aspects of religion.

FREUD, Sigmund: The Psychopathology of Everyday Life (Mentor) 159 pp. $.50
Analysis of unconscious motivation of everyday activity.

GHISELIN, Brewster: The Creative Process (U. of Calif.)
“...the functions and development of subconscious ideas, and how they came to consciousness, with some sort of certainty as to their meaning.”

GLOVER, Edmund: Freud or Jung? (Meridian) $1.35
A thorough denunciation of the reactionary mysticism of Jung.

KUBIE, Lawrence: Neurotic Distortion of the Creative Process (See Miscellaneous)

MARCUSE, Herbert: Eros and Civilization (Vintage) 256 pp. $1.25
The formulation of a new revolutionary political and cultural perspective within the framework of Freud’s discoveries. A highly
original work based on the concept of a non-repressive civilization. The Appendix is an excellent critique of neo-Freudian revisionism.

PIAGET, Jean: The Child’s Conception of the World (Littlefield) $1.95

REIK, Theodore: Masochism In Sex and Society (Black Cat) $.95

REICH, Wilhelm: The Mass Psychology of Fascism (Orgone Institute) $3.50
Pertinent and necessary for an understanding of Reich’s revolutionary social psychology (which used to be called “Freudo-Marxism”)

REICH, Wilhelm: The Sexual Revolution (Noonday) $2.75
Contains the “Fiasco of Sexual Moralism,” a critique of Bourgeois morality and “The Struggle for the New Life in the Soviet Union,” a study of the Sexual Revolution and Counter-revolution.

REICH, Wilhelm: Selected Writings (Noonday)
Selections from various works, representing the whole span of his life.

REICH, Wilhelm: Function of the Orgasm (Noonday) $2.95
The cornerstone of his thought is fully explored. Much of this work, however, involves what Marcuse has called the “fantastic hobbies” of Reich’s later years.

REICH, Wilhelm: Character Analysis (Noonday) $2.95
Probably Reich’s most important contribution to psychoanalysis, this is a translation of the 1933 German Edition. The later, more questionable sections are clearly indicated in the preface.

REICH, Wilhelm: Listen, Little Man! (Noonday) 126 pp. illus. $1.95
With cartoons by William Steig. A lecture to misguided humanity showing Reich’s later orientation.

RODGERS, Carl: On Becoming a Person (Houghton, Mifflin) 400 pp. $5.50
Rodgers’ most philosophical work, which attempts to put his non-directive therapy into a larger social context.

ROHEIM, Geza: Magic and Schizophrenia (U. of Indiana) $2.25


Since this Catalogue was put together over a period of several months, with various people compiling different sections and still others doing the typing, a certain confusion was inevitable; some books, in being referred from one section to another, happened to be omitted. If a book you’re interested in was referred from one section to another, where, however, it was not listed, chances are you’ll find it below:

KYROU, Ado: Luis Bunuel: An Introduction. (Simon & Schuster) 208 pp. paper $1.95
Introduction to the work of the great surrealist cinematographer, by a young surrealist living in Paris. Contains scenarios, excerpts & criticism by Bunuel and short works of criticism by Jacques B. Brunius, André Breton, Henry Miller, Octavio Paz and others. Illustrated. Bibliography & Chronology.

LUXEMBURG, Rosa: Leninism or Marxism? (Independent Labour Party) 16 pp. $.15
A libertarian Marxist critique of Leninist organizational theories.

POTTER, Bob: Vietnam. (Solidarity) 14 pp. $.15
A libertarian critique of the war & its implications, presented in a historical framework.

REES, Ioan Bowen: The Welsh Political Tradition. (Plaid Cymru) 32 pp. $.25
Libertarian & working-class aspects of the political tradition in Wales.

STEWART, Joffre: Implications of the Montgomery Non-Violent Resistance Movement. (reprinted from Way Out, School of Living) 4 pp. $.05
An anarcho-pacifist view.

ASTROV, Margot, ed.: American Indian Prose & Poetry: An Anthology. (Capricorn) paper $1.45
Native American Mythology & Revelation. 377 pp. Bibliography.

ROCKER, Rudolf: Nationalism and Culture. (Freedom Press) cloth $4.00
A scholarly anarchist analysis of human culture throughout history.

ROCKER, Rudolf: Pioneers of American Freedom. (Freedom Press) cloth $3.00
A detailed study of American individualist-anarchists (Tucker, Andréws, etc.).

ROCKER, Rudolf: Socialism & State. (Modern Publishers, India) 34 pp. paper $.25
An excerpt from Nationalism & Culture. Contains a short biography of Rocker.

EPSTEIN, Brian: A Cellarful of Noise. paper $.60
A pop biography of The Beatles by their manager.

EVANS, Gwynfor: Welsh Nationalist Aims. (Plaid Cymru) 16 pp. $.20
A statement of the more or less libertarian nationalist party, Plaid Cymru.

JONES, R. Tudor: The Principles of Nationalism: The Struggle for Human Dignity in Wales. (Plaid Cymru) 22 p. $.25
Aims and orientation of Plaid Cymru.

TROTSKY, Leon: Stalin. (Universal) paper
A critical biography.

KROPOTKIN, Peter: Mutual Aid. cloth paper
A profound & devastating refutation of social Darwinist claptrap.

PENROSE, Roland: Pablo Picasso: His Life & Work. paper
Biography & criticism by a former participant in surrealist activity in Britain.

MARX & ENGELS: The Civil War in the United States. (Citadel) paper $2.95
Columns in the NY Tribune, a Vienna paper, correspondence, etc.

DRAPER, Hal: The Mind of Clark Kerr. (Independent Socialist Club) $.25
Exposes the reactionary character of U. of Cal. President Kerr’s theories of the “knowledge factory” & bureaucracy in human affairs.

JAMES, C.L.R.: The Black Jacobins. (Vintage) paper $1.45
A contemporary Marxist view of the Great Revolution in Haiti.

The Sit-Ins: The Students’ Report (Congress of Racial Equality) $.25

Freedom Riders Speak for Themselves (News & Letters) $.25
Texts by freedom riders & commentary by members of the News & Letters group.

GEORGE, Henry: Progress and Poverty. cloth $2.50
The principal work of a once-influential theorist of a peculiar method of social reform.

PROUDHON, Pierre-Joseph: What is Property? (Freedom Press) cloth $6.50
The first book of the French anarchist. “By all means his best work. It is epoch-making, if not for the newness of its content, then at least for the new & audacious way in which old things are said.” —Karl Marx.

LOOMIS, Mildred J.: Economics of a Free Society. (School of Living) 20 pp. Illustrated 20 cents
Brief text by one of the leading animators of the School of Living.

LOOMIS, Mildred J. and others: Go Ahead and Live! (School of Living) cloth $4.00
A popular presentation of School of Living ideas in the life of a young couple.

Birth #3: Profusely illustrated, anthology on drugs. (Birth Press) paper $2.00

FREUD, Sigmund: The Question of Lay Analysis. (Anchor) 112 pp. paper $.95
An important text protesting the domination of psychoanalysis by the medical profession. Also perhaps the best of Freud’s short expositions of psychoanalysis. Contains the 1927 Postscript. Trans. by James Strachey.

WOLFF, Leon: Lockout: The Story of the Homestead Strike of 1892. (Harper.& Row) cloth $5.95
History of the famous Pennsylvania steel strike.

COLE, George D.H. Socialist Thought, vol. 1—Forerunners, 1789–1850 $6.50; vol. 2—Marxism & Anarchism, 1850–1890; vol. 3—Second International (2 parts) $16.00; vol. 4—Communism & Social Democracy, 1914–1931 (2 p. arts) $14.50; vol. 5-Socialism & Fascism, 1931–1939 $8.00 (St. Martins).


1947 No. Larrabee
Chicago 60614