Title: Hurry to Play
Subtitle: An Embellished Poem Inspired By “Armed Joy” by Alfredo Bonanno and My Time Spent in Psychiatric Detention Centers
Author: Ursula Curiosa
Date: 2022
Notes: Written in 2021. Published in August 2022 at refusejournal.com/hurry-to-play With thanks to Alfredo M. Bonanno for writing “Armed Joy,” which is available to read at theanarchistlibrary.org and is available for listening at resonanceaudiodistro.org
Empty cages
Ashes of mental asylums
The unquiet dead and living
Shove Capital’s statute of madness back into its face.
The heavy DSM-5
Leaves marks
When applied.
Hope persists alongside my dreaming
Screaming sobbing sickness
Hurry Comrade:
Hurry to play.
Hurry to go mad.
Hurry to refuse work.
Hurry to arm yourself.
Hurry to create communities of joy.